Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction is responsible for all academic matters involving both students and faculty at all locations of the college. This office assures that high academic standards are maintained within an atmosphere characterized by genuine concern for the achievement of each individual student. The Office of Instruction manages the professional activities of full-time and adjunct faculty members, who provide excellent instruction to students by using a variety of innovative and effective teaching and learning techniques.

Specific responsibilities of the Office of Instruction include continuously improving instruction by evaluating faculty performance and rewarding excellence; recognizing student achievement and recommending candidates for degrees, diplomas, and certificates; establishing new programs; evaluating and improving existing curricula; establishing admission requirements for limited enrollment programs; establishing and monitoring academic regulations and procedures; maintaining academic integrity and establishing student grievance procedures for academic matters; monitoring the advisement process; establishing articulation agreements with senior schools; collaborating with public school systems in our service area; assigning faculty members to courses; assigning academic facilities for instruction; and overseeing all academic standards as required by the N.C. Community College System, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), and other accrediting agencies.

The Office of Instruction includes these instructional divisions: Arts and Sciences Division (general education courses and transfer programs); Business and Public Service Technologies Division; Health Sciences Division; and Applied Career Technologies Division.

The Arts and Sciences Division offers a number of programs designed to be completed over a two-year period. Students completing one of these academic programs are awarded an Associate degree.

Some programs are university parallel-college transfer programs and provide the first two years of academic work on a four-year baccalaureate degree track.


Contact Information

Image of Natasha Harris
Natasha Harris, PhD
Dean of Arts & Sciences
Phone: 336-838-6189
Image of Debra Carr
Debra Carr, BS
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-838-6229
Fax: 336-903-3199

The Business & Public Service Technologies Division provides opportunities to earn a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) in various programs of study, many of which offer transfer options to specific universities. Courses are taught by qualified faculty who hold advanced academic degrees in their respective fields. Many of our teaching faculty have worked in business and industry and bring that experience to the classroom.

The BPST faculty shares a commitment to academic excellence and student success. BPST also offers one-year diplomas and 12-to 18-credit-hour certificates. Industry certifications are available within many of our courses.

The Business & Public Service Technologies Division office is located in Thompson Hall, Room 101.


Contact Information

Image of Kristen Macemore
Kristen Macemore, MBA
Dean of Business and Public Service Technologies
Phone: 336-838-6427
Fax: 336-903-3202
Image of Danielle Parlier
Danielle Parlier, MS
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-838-6254

Wilkes Community College’s Health Sciences Division is housed in Herring Hall, the state-of-the-art health sciences facility. Herring Hall brings together all of the college’s health sciences programs – both curriculum and continuing education – creating an integrated learning environment.

Healthcare is one of North Carolina’s fastest growing industries. Herring Hall’s 58,000 square feet of space with its state-of-the art simulation technology allows us to equip, engage, and empower a pool of credentialed workers for 2,352 healthcare establishments and businesses in Wilkes, Ashe, Alleghany, and eight other regional counties in Northwest North Carolina.


Contact Information

Image of Tammy Beck
Tammy Beck, MA, CNMT
Dean-Health Sciences
Phone: 336-838-6496
Image of Haley Hall
Haley Hall, AGE
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-838-6249
Fax: 336-903-3205

The Applied Career Technologies Division offers a variety of technical programs designed to complement the rapid growth of technology and material science in our region. The division offers associate in applied science, diploma, and certificate degrees, with a stimulating and friendly educational and critical thinking environment.


Contact Information

Image of Ronald Dollyhite
Ronald Dollyhite, Ed.S
Dean of Applied Career Technologies (ACT)
Phone: 336-838-6149
Image of Kristy Caldwell
Kristy Caldwell, AAS
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-838-6218
Fax: 336-903-3203

Contact Information

Image of Yolanda Wilson
Yolanda Wilson, EdD
Vice President of Instruction, Ashe Campus, and Alleghany Center
Phone: 336-838-6128
Fax: 336-903-3198
Image of Kim Bell
Kim Bell, BA
Program Specialist-Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-838-6127
Fax: 336-903-3197

Instructional Support Services

The purpose of the Instructional Support Services Division is to assist students, faculty, and staff in fulfilling the mission of Wilkes Community College by offering a variety of programs and services that support instruction and student learning, including:

Contact Information

Image of Kim Faw
Kim Faw, MA
Vice President of Instructional Support & Student Services
Phone: 336-838-6293
Image of Emily Call
Emily Call, AAS
Administrative Assistant - Instructional Support Service
Phone: 336-838-6140

Office of Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative Services of Wilkes Community College is divided into three departments:

  1. Financial Services is responsible for all fiscal aspects of the college, including purchasing; accounts payable; the collection of monies for tuition and fees; the distribution of scholarship, grant, and loan monies; bookstore sales (textbooks, educational supplies, college apparel); payroll; and vending.
  2. Human Resources is responsible for all aspects of the employee relationship such as employee records, benefits, advertisements for new positions, etc.
  3. Facilities is responsible for and maintains all buildings, grounds, construction, motorpool, custodian departments, and general facilities.

Contact Information

Image of Morgan Francis
Morgan Francis, BS, CPA
Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration
Phone: 336-838-6102
Image of Dena Wiles
Dena Wiles, Diploma
Senior Administrative Assistant - Finance & Administration
Phone: 336-838-6101
Fax: 336-903-3156

Office of Information Technology

Information Technology is responsible for all computers (administrative and instructional) and information technology, including but not limited to audio/visual equipment, video conferencing equipment, network connections, and the telephone system.

Computer and Network Usage Policy

Contact Information

Image of Michael Wingler
Michael Wingler, MS
Vice President of Information Technology and Operations/CIO
Phone: 336-838-6178
Fax: 336-903-3150

Office of Institutional Advancement

The Wilkes Community College Office of Development sustains the mission and purpose of Wilkes Community College through fundraising activities. The staff of the Office of Development is committed to cultivating a positive relationship between the college and communities within the service area.

The fundraising activities coordinated by the Office of Development are designed to help meet needs identified by the college administration. The Office of Development also provides assistance and support to faculty and staff in developing ideas and a prospectus and then drafting the proposal. Development staff works closely with the academic deans’ offices in developing proposals and contacting potential funding agencies and prospective donors who can be partners in enhancing the academic opportunities offered by the college.

Wilkes Community College Marketing and Communications takes the many stories and activities of the College and communicates them as a consistent message of academic quality and accessibility.

This office updates internal audiences on campus events, policy, ongoing initiatives, and more. Social media is used to reach external and internal audiences. This office offers photography and videography services to promote campus activities and events and serves as the coordinator in communicating with internal and external audiences in crisis and emergency situations. A variety of external media is employed in communication of the College’s stories.

Developing and ensuring the proper presentation of the College’s visual image through publications and promotional materials, this office supports student recruitment, fund raising, and community awareness through marketing efforts, including advertising, publicity, publications, and other media.

Contact Information

Image of Allison Phillips
Allison Phillips, BS
VP of Institutional Advancement; Executive Director, WCC Foundation
Phone: 336-838-6491