Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction is responsible for all academic matters involving both students and faculty at all locations of the college. This office assures that high academic standards are maintained within an atmosphere characterized by genuine concern for the achievement of each individual student. The Office of Instruction manages the professional activities of full-time and adjunct faculty members, who provide excellent instruction to students by using a variety of innovative and effective teaching and learning techniques.

Specific responsibilities of the Office of Instruction include continuously improving instruction by evaluating faculty performance and rewarding excellence; recognizing student achievement and recommending candidates for degrees, diplomas, and certificates; establishing new programs; evaluating and improving existing curricula; establishing admission requirements for limited enrollment programs; establishing and monitoring academic regulations and procedures; maintaining academic integrity and establishing student grievance procedures for academic matters; monitoring the advisement process; establishing articulation agreements with senior schools; collaborating with public school systems in our service area; assigning faculty members to courses; assigning academic facilities for instruction; and overseeing all academic standards as require