WCC Alerts

About the Campus Alert Notification System

Wilkes Community College’s emergency notification system approach is based on redundancy, using multiple methods to reach members of the college community with information as quickly and accurately as possible.

  • Campus-wide Phones and Speakers: WCC will issue primary alerts using the college’s alarm system, the phones located in classrooms, offices, stairwells and other public locations, and the speaker system.
  • Text Messaging: WCC alert message may also be sent to the mobile devices of WCC students, faculty and staff who register their mobile numbers to receive WCC alerts through the Campus Alert Notification System.
    • For parents and community to receive WCC text alerts, text WCCALERTS to 226787.
  • Media: Regular updates regarding campus closing and other emergency information will be provided to the news media. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to consult local media broadcasts particularly during inclement weather.
  • Web Alerts: WCC will post alert messages on the college website.
  • Social Networks: WCC will post alert messages and updates to the college’s official Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Email: Depending on the nature and location of an emergency situation, WCC may send an alert message to all students, faculty and staff at their WCC email accounts using the