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Transfer Student Resources

Below are important resources for those planning to transfer from WCC to a 4-year college or university.

AA/AS/AE Transfer Information

Wilkes Community College offers several associate degree curricula that parallel the freshman and sophomore years at most senior colleges and universities.

By maintaining at least a “C” average, students should be able to transfer with junior status into baccalaureate degree programs at four-year colleges and universities. Admission to some majors will require a higher GPA.

To assure proper course selection, students planning to transfer should take ACA 122 – College Transfer Success in their first semester to develop a comprehensive transfer plan. The Advising Center is available for additional assistance.

Students planning to transfer to a senior college or university are advised to examine carefully the current catalog of the particular college they plan to enter and to follow as closely as possible the recommendations for that program of study. Counselors and faculty members are prepared to advise students, but the final responsibility for course selection is left to the student. By working closely with their academic advisor, WCC students can minimize the possibility of taking unnecessary courses or loss of credit.

Click here for more UNC system transfer information, including the CAA and other resources.

To learn more about North Carolina colleges and universities, visit College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC).

Contact Information

Image of Darrell Finney
Darrell Finney, MA
Dean of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 336-838-6187

2+2 Agreements for AAS Graduates

A 2+2 agreement is an opportunity for students to complete their Associate’s degree at Wilkes Community College and then transfer into a specified program at a partnering four-year institution for their Bachelor’s degree. The 2+2 model is the proposed timeframe, but may be subject to change.

WCC currently has the following 2+2 agreements for AAS graduates:

Culinary Arts
Horticulture Technology
Respiratory Therapy

Students interested in learning more should contact the four-year institution they are planning to attend and/or:

Image of Elisabeth Blevins
Elisabeth Blevins, MA
Associate Dean of Admissions and Advising
Phone: 336-838-6145

Aspire Appalachian Co-Admission Program

Aspire Appalachian is a co-admission program between Appalachian State University and Wilkes Community College. It is intended for students who plan to transfer to Appalachian after completing one of the following degrees:


  • Guaranteed admission to Appalachian
  • On-site admissions and academic advising by Appalachian
  • Coordinated financial aid programs
  • Invitation to special webinars, events, and newsletters designed to help you successfully transfer to and succeed at Appalachian


To be eligible for Aspire Appalachian, you must:

  • be enrolled full-time at Wilkes Community College (minimum 12 credit hours per semester);
  • be on track to complete an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or approved AAS degree (listed above);
  • be in progress of completing, or have completed, ACA 122 with a grade of C or better; and
  • have at least two semesters (24 credit hours) remaining at Wilkes Community College.

Students must complete an eligible associate degree program within 3 years from their date of acceptance into the Aspire Appalachian program and must graduate with a 2.25 GPA or higher.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Aspire Appalachian intent form. For Student ID Number, use your WCC Colleague ID number.
  2. Once accepted, students will be contacted by WCC’s Appalachian admissions contact. If you have any questions prior to that contact, please email
  3. Students will apply to Appalachian one semester prior to their last semester at WCC.

Contact Information

To learn more about this program, visit the Aspire Appalachian website or contact WCC’s program liaison:

Image of Sheneele Wagoner
Sheneele Wagoner, EdD
Academic Advisor/ACA Lead Instructor
Phone: 336-838-6195