Petro Kulynych Student Advising Program

All WCC students are assigned an ACA Advisor and a Faculty Mentor upon admission to the College.

ACA Advisors help new students successfully transition to college. They will help you identify or clarify your career interests; create an academic plan to help you reach your goals; recommend academic and campus resources; answer questions about your degree; encourage you to build relationships with peers, staff, and faculty; and serve as an important source of support all the way to graduation. ACA Advisors make sure new students get the best possible start.

During your first term at WCC, your ACA Advisor will help you develop a clear academic plan – a customized road map of all courses required for your degree, diploma, or certificate program – that will be used for class selection throughout your enrollment. Building this road map helps students stay on track to complete academic requirements, graduate, and move forward toward their goals.

Faculty Mentors provide information about job opportunities within a student’s career and/or assist transfer students as they navigate their best path to a university. Faculty Mentors make sure graduating students understand their next step.

Transfer Information

Meet Our ACA Advisors!

Image of Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks, MA
Academic Advisor/ACA Instructor
Phone: 336-838-6418
Image of Becky Kennedy
Becky Kennedy, MA
Academic Advisor/ACA Instructor
Phone: 336-838-6441
Image of Cinnamon Martin
Cinnamon Martin, MA
Dean of Advising Center
Phone: 336-838-6488
Image of Kim Perkins
Kim Perkins, MEd
Academic Advisor/ACA Instructor
Phone: 336-838-6559
Image of Sheneele Wagoner
Sheneele Wagoner, EdD
Academic Advisor/ACA Lead Instructor
Phone: 336-838-6195
Image of Lora Davis
Lora Davis, MS
Academic Advisor/Fine Arts Instructor
Phone: 336-903-3137
Image of Cary Gardner
Cary Gardner, MA
Student Advisor/English Instructor
Phone: 336-903-3130
Image of Talina Pipes
Talina Pipes, BS
Student Services and Career and College Promise Coordinator of Alleghany Center
Phone: 336-903-3144
Fax: 336-903-3224
Image of Elizabeth Simons
Elizabeth Simons, MBA
Academic Advisor/BPST Instructor
Phone: 336-903-3148