Student Life

The Office of Student Life offers students a wide range of co-curricular programs. It is the belief of the WCC Student Life Office that when students are afforded such opportunities they will graduate with a greater sense of self direction and a higher level of satisfaction with the institution.

All activities (clubs or special events) are advised by staff and faculty members who are committed to providing the kind of dedicated leadership which promotes successful achievement of organizational goals, but which also allows ample freedom for student innovation and decision making.

There are many student activities planned throughout each semester. Check this page frequently and follow us on Instagram for upcoming events and important information!

Please be advised that Wilkes Community College may take photographs at any school functions that may be posted on its website and/or social media web pages and may be used for publicity purposes.

Contact Information

Image of Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown, BS
Student Activities Coordinator/Admissions Representative
Phone: 336-838-6142

A number of special student activity events are organized for students by the Student Life coordinator through the Student Services Office. The focus of the Student Life program is to provide a wide variety of activities to meet the social, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the students. Some examples of events organized in the past include canoe trips, horseback riding trips, game shows, dances, health and wellness programs, and community service projects. Additional activities may be added as needs develop and funding and facilities permit. Students are encouraged to share their ideas and assist in the production of these events. Stop by Student Services to learn more.

Upcoming Events

Check the Student Life Moodle course for scheduled events.

    Clubs and Organizations

    The Animal Science Club allows students of the Animal Science program an opportunity to provide enrichment and encourage student interest in animal agriculture. The Animal Science Club strives to provide services to the animal science industry and community.


    Image of Frank Blevins
    Frank Blevins, BS
    Lead Instructor of Animal Science
    Phone: 336-838-6188

    The purpose of the Architectural Technology Club is to promote interest in the architectural field along with additional education and training above and beyond the classroom. Members are provided the opportunity to meet with successful professionals in the community and to work on special projects and events. The club also coordinates field trips to nationally recognized monuments and buildings.


    Image of Daniel Triplett
    Daniel Triplett, AAS
    Lead Instructor of Architectural
    Phone: 336-838-6406

    Assistant Advisor

    Image of Stacie Taylor
    Stacie Taylor, BS
    Chair of Applied Engineering Technologies
    Phone: 336-838-6551

    The Auto Body Club is comprised of students enrolled in Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology.


    Image of Jamie Reavis
    Jamie Reavis, AAS
    Chair of Transportation Technologies/Lead Instructor of Collision Repair
    Phone: 336-838-6192

    The purpose of the Automotive Systems Technology Club is to allow students to become part of the bigger voice on campus. The club participates in fundraisers, community outreach, and many campus events and activities. Any student enrolled at least part-time in the Automotive Systems Technology program is eligible to join this club.


    Image of Matt Ham
    Matt Ham, BS
    Lead Instructor of Automotive Systems Technologies
    Phone: 336-838-6278

    The purpose of the Building Construction Club is to promote interest in the building construction field along with provide additional education
    and training above and beyond the classroom. The organization is open to students enrolled in the Building Construction Program and have a GPA of 2.0 or above.


    Image of Shane Allen
    Shane Allen, AAS
    Lead Instructor of Building Construction Technologies
    Phone: 336-838-6409

    Club Biz is a combination of business programs and is designed to bring together students and faculty of business and accounting and also members of the business community so that students may further their knowledge and interest in business and accounting professions. Club Biz will promote and foster the development of leadership and employability skills of business and accounting students.


    Image of Matt Baldwin
    Matt Baldwin, MS
    Chair of Business and Culinary
    Phone: 336-838-6161

    Collegiate Future Farmers of America (CFFA) enhances the collegiate experience through service and engagement to create premier leaders, enable personal growth, and ensure career success. As the first North Carolina community college to establish a CFFA club, WCC joins the ranks of NCSU, NC A&T SU, and Mount Olive University as the only collegiate chapters in the state of North Carolina. Students from any program of study can join the CFFA club.


    Image of Donna Riddle
    Donna Riddle, MS
    Lead Instructor of Horticulture
    Phone: 336-838-6435

    The Culinary & Baking Club is comprised of students who are enrolled in the Culinary Technology program. The primary purpose of this club is to provide scholarships to members with monies earned through career enhancing experiences. The club offers opportunities for fellowship with other students and industry professionals in order to provide the members with network opportunities within their chosen professions.


    Image of Celena Nilo
    Celena Nilo, BS
    Lead Instructor of Culinary Arts
    Phone: 336-838-6506

    Assistant Advisor

    Image of Chuck Wallace
    Chuck Wallace, BS
    Lead Instructor of Baking and Pastry Arts
    Phone: 336-838-6574

    The WCC Dental Assisting Club offers dental assisting students accepted into the program an opportunity to participate in on-campus and community activities. Club members strive to inform their fellow students and the community of the importance of proper dental care. The club provides opportunities for students to attend local and state meetings to share ideas and information pertinent to their field. This club provides assistance in making local contacts for employment after graduation.


    Image of Jennifer Hastings
    Jennifer Hastings, MA,CDA
    Lead Instructor of Dental Assisting
    Phone: 336-838-6253

    The purpose of the Diesel Club is to provide students with educational and networking opportunities in the academic and diesel transportation communities. Students that are registered in a diesel program at Wilkes Community College are eligible for membership.


    Image of Jonah Severt
    Jonah Severt, AAS
    Lead Instructor of Agricultural/Construction Equipment Systems
    Phone: 336-838-6239

    The Wilkes Community College EMS Club is composed of students who are enrolled in the Emergency Medical Science program. The purpose of the club is to enhance and enrich the students experience while in the EMS program. The EMS club’s primary goal is to promote pre hospital medicine both in the classroom and pre-hospital environment.


    Image of Sarah Triplett
    Sarah Triplett, BS Paramedic
    Program Director of Emergency Medical Science (EMS)
    Phone: 336-838-6238


    Image of Bryan Hartzog
    Bryan Hartzog, BS
    Lead Instructor of Industrial Engineering/Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
    Phone: 336-838-6228

    Assistant Advisors

    Image of Jason Hodge
    Jason Hodge, AAS
    Instructor of Industrial Engineering
    Phone: 336-838-6227
    Image of Stacie Taylor
    Stacie Taylor, BS
    Chair of Applied Engineering Technologies
    Phone: 336-838-6551

    The mission of the GPS Club is to provide opportunities for campus community members to expand their perspectives regarding global issues, world cultures, and ease in interacting with people from cultures outside their familiar communities. The club will serve as a vehicle for coordinating and funding globally centered events and activities for those earning the Global Perspectives Scholar distinction as well as for the campus community in general.

    Wilkes Campus Advisor

    Image of Dayna Brower
    Dayna Brower, MA
    Lead Instructor of Foreign Language
    Phone: 336-838-6154

    Ashe Campus Advisor

    Image of Rick Laws
    Rick Laws, MDiv
    Instructor of History
    Phone: 336-903-3120

    The WCC Graphic Design Club strives to bring together students, faculty, and members of graphic and fine arts and photography so that students may further their knowledge and interest in the arts. The WCC Graphic Design Club will serve as an avenue for creative persons to come together as a group to promote and foster the development of leadership and employability in the arts field.


    Image of Amber Arnder
    Amber Arnder, BS
    Lead Instructor of Advertising & Graphic Design
    Phone: 336-838-6410

    The Horticulture Club is open to students enrolled in classes in the Horticulture program. The club takes part in community outreach by sponsoring wreath/roping sales and plant sales. Members are active in volunteer activities on campus through student activities and events.


    Image of Donna Riddle
    Donna Riddle, MS
    Lead Instructor of Horticulture
    Phone: 336-838-6435

    Assistant Advisor

    Image of Frank Blevins
    Frank Blevins, BS
    Lead Instructor of Animal Science
    Phone: 336-838-6188

    The purpose of the Human Services Club is to provide for the personal and professional development of students in preparation as human service workers. The club focuses on personal values, motivation, orientation towards human service work, interpersonal relationships, and communication skills. It also seeks to provide mentors for students entering human services. Membership requirements include enrollment in the Human Services Technology program, interest in development of self and community, and motivation to set a professional example in the helping field.


    Image of Erica Harper
    Erica Harper, EdS,CMA(AAMA),LCMHC,LCAS
    Director of Medical Assisting and Human Services Technology
    Phone: 336-838-6523

    The purpose of the Medical Assisting Club is to promote interest in the medical assisting field and to assist with professional development. The club networks with the local chapter of medical assistants that is affiliated with the state and national levels of the American Association of Medical Assistants. The club identifies special needs within the community, and members try to gear their projects toward assisting with those needs. Membership is open to students who are enrolled in the Medical Assisting program.


    Image of Whitney Golding
    Whitney Golding, BS, CMA (AAMA)
    Instructor of Medical Assisting
    Phone: 336-838-6526

    The National Technical Honor Society is America’s foremost scholastic honor for excellence in workforce education. Members represent the top 5% of students enrolled in vocational and technical programs. The WCC chapter encourages students to set goals and challenges them to give their best. Members are students who have earned an excellent scholastic record and demonstrate critical workplace values – honesty, responsibility, technical skill, teamwork, initiative, leadership, and good citizenship.

    Membership is by invitation and is extended to students who:

    1. are enrolled in a technical or vocational degree program at Wilkes Community College;
    2. have accumulated 24 semester hours; and
    3. have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or greater.

    Freshmen who have been previously enrolled in a high school chapter will be accepted into the WCC chapter upon meeting the WCC criteria outlined above.


    Image of Kristy Caldwell
    Kristy Caldwell, BS
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 336-838-6218
    Fax: 336-903-3203

    Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international honor society for two-year college students. The purpose of PTK is to recognize and encourage scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service among two-year college students. Its members enter into an intellectual and cultural fellowship that extends beyond a particular campus to regional and national networks. Through the achievement of these goals, Phi Theta Kappans continue to enrich themselves, their communities, and society.

    Membership is extended by invitation. To be considered for membership, a student must:

    1. be enrolled at Wilkes Community College;
    2. have accumulated 15 credit hours toward a degree or diploma program; and
    3. have a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or greater.

    To maintain membership, a minimum GPA of 3.40 is required.

    Phi Theta Kappa members in good standing are eligible to wear the gold honors stole and tassel during the commencement ceremony.


    Image of Laura Shumate
    Laura Shumate, MA
    Instructor of English
    Phone: 336-838-6197

    The Radiography Club is comprised of students enrolled in the Radiography program.


    Image of Courtney Lackey
    Courtney Lackey, BSRT (R) (M) (VS)
    Clinical Coordinator of Radiography Program
    Phone: 336-838-6438

    The purpose of the Respiratory Therapy Association is to promote interest in respiratory therapy, assist with professional development, and encourage community involvement. Membership is open to all students who are enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy program.


    Rotaract is a worldwide organization of college men and women who believe they can make a difference. Through community and international service projects, Rotaractors help improve the lives of others. In so doing, they develop leadership and professional skills and establish a network of friends. Rotaract is friendship in action. Club activities include Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup; Make A Difference Day; walkathons to raise awareness and money for projects; volunteering at the county fair, MerleFest, and other college functions; assisting with foster care Christmas Party; supporting local food pantries; and a variety of social events.

    Advisors – Wilkes Campus

    Alleghany Center

    Advisor TBA.

    Student Ambassadors will represent a group of positive, enthusiastic, and well-informed representatives of the student body who are interested in working with faculty, staff and students to promote the colleges programs and services. Ambassadors assist with campus tours, official college/foundation events, and other recruitment activities.


    Image of Morgan Staley
    Morgan Staley, BS
    Coordinator of Recruiting
    Phone: 336-838-6509

    The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official representative of the student body at Wilkes Community College. Officers and representatives are elected each year and work with the students in organizing a variety of activities throughout the year. In addition, SGA approves charters for organizations and allocates funds for student events. It also provides leadership in student affairs and assists in the development of programs for the betterment of the college. The SGA president serves as an ex-officio member of the college’s Board of Trustees and participates in the review of policies that will affect student life at Wilkes Community College.

    The SGA is a member of the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association (N4CSGA). Each year, students are given the opportunity to attend conferences sponsored by this organization, which allows them to learn more about student activities/student government. It is not necessary to hold an elected position to attend SGA meetings. SGA meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of each month during fall and spring semesters.


    Image of Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown, BS
    Student Activities Coordinator/Admissions Representative
    Phone: 336-838-6142

    The purpose of the Student IT Club is to give students the opportunity to learn about the skills and jobs within information technology including, but not limited to: networking, cybersecurity, and software development. The club will allow students to expand their skills and gain experience in various aspects of the IT field and provide assistance in building a career in information technology. The club will also function to lobby for further college curriculum concerning information technology and the subset of skills needed to be involved in that field.


    Image of Jere Miles
    Jere Miles, MS
    Lead Instructor of Information Technology
    Phone: 336-838-6437
    Image of Randall McNeil
    Randall McNeil, BS
    Instructor of Information Technology
    Phone: 336-838-6521

    For more information, contact:

    The purpose of the Student Nurses Association is to promote interest in and knowledge of nursing in the college community and to act as “a big brother or big sister” to entering nursing students. Membership is open to all students enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing program.

    1st Year Advisor


    1st Year Assistant Advisor


    2nd Year Advisor

    Image of Valerie Bailey
    Valerie Bailey, MSN, RN
    Simulation Coordinator/Instructor of Nursing
    Phone: 336-838-6257

    2nd Year Assistant Advisor

    Image of Emily Orr
    Emily Orr, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE
    Director of Nursing
    Phone: 336-838-6573

    The Students for Christ Club consists of students from a variety of denominations who are interested in cultivating their Christian faith and provides the opportunity to fellowship and mature with other people of faith through mutual encouragement, campus service, and club activities.


    Image of Naomi Bivins
    Naomi Bivins, MA
    Director of Community Engagement
    Phone: 336-838-6261

    SOBiE is a club open to all students on campus and fosters inclusion, multi-culturism, and social awareness via meetings, charity events, and fun and fellowship. The club strives to connect students with resources, build a network of support, and deepen campus engagement for all students at WCC.


    Image of April Teague
    April Teague, AA
    Assistant of Office of Disability, Inclusion, and Diversity
    Phone: 336-838-6434
    Fax: 336-903-3154

    Assistant Advisor

    Image of Renee Macemore
    Renee Macemore, MS
    Director of Disability, Inclusion, & Diversity
    Phone: 336-838-6560
    Fax: 336-903-3209

    WCC SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA serves the students who are enrolled in programs, preparing them for technical, skilled, and service careers. SkillsUSA complements students’ technical training by teaching them leadership skills, teamwork, citizenship, and character development, all things that help shape responsible, reliable employees who will one day become leaders in our workplaces.



    The purpose of the Welding Club is to provide an organization within which its members are enabled to freely assemble and further the social contact and educational process of its members, as well as provide a civic service for Wilkes Community College and the entire surrounding community.


    Image of Jayden Gantt
    Jayden Gantt, AGE
    Lead Instructor of Welding
    Phone: 336-838-6208

    Gilreath Wellness Center

    The Gilreath Wellness Center is named in honor of former Student Services Staff Member, Reverend Coot Gilreath. It is located on the first floor of Window World Hall. It contains several types of fitness equipment and is traditionally open during regular college operating hours for current Wilkes Community College faculty, staff and curriculum students. All users must first attend a 20 minute certification session which is offered the first few months of each semester. Sessions are posted outside the door of the center and emailed to students at the start of the new semester. After completing a session, all students will receive a green wristband, proving attendance. A valid student ID and green wristband are required for ongoing use of the wellness center.

    For more information, contact:

    Image of Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown, BS
    Student Activities Coordinator/Admissions Representative
    Phone: 336-838-6142
    Image of Mike Roope
    Mike Roope, EdS, LCMHC
    Director of Counseling and Career Services
    Phone: 336-838-6147