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The Northwest Fire and Rescue College is a weekend school held the first weekend in November. This school offers multiple classes to meet the needs and demands of the entire emergency services community. Types of courses offered may include firefighter and technical rescuer certification courses, fire and rescue specialty courses, hazardous materials training, arson detection, fire investigation, wildland firefighting, emergency medical services training, leadership development, and many more.

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2019 Northwest Fire & Rescue College

The 36th annual Northwest Fire & Rescue College will be held on November 1-3, 2019, on the campus of Wilkes Community College. Click this button to learn more.

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Instructors for Wilkes Campus
Fire/Rescue Course Worksheet – You will need to complete this form two weeks prior to running a course.

OSFM Information
To check your official transcript with NCOSFM please visit osfmweb.ncdoi.net/public/Student.html

NCOSFM requires that you submit an application for certification in order to receive any certifications.

Certification Application

Along with this application you must submit a copy of your High School Diploma or High School Equivalency (formerly GED).

Don’t Have a High School Diploma? Please contact our Basic Skills Department at 336-903-3230 to learn more about getting your Adult High School Diploma or a High School Equivalency.

Courses Offered

Call to check the availability of the following courses related to the fire service:

The total program consists of 336 hours. This program is divided into many subject areas. It is offered to the departments upon request in blocks ranging in length from 3 to 36 hours. Topics include: building construction, emergency medical care, fire alarm and communications, fire behavior, fire control, fire department organization, fire hose appliances and streams, fire prevention public education, foam fire streams, forcible entry, hazardous materials awareness, hazardous materials operations, ladders, overhaul, personal protective equipment, portable fire extinguishers, rescue, ropes, safety, salvage, sprinklers, ventilation, and water supplies.


This series of classes provides the firefighter with certification and training in fire service pump operations and aerial operations. These courses include Emergency Vehicle Driving, Introduction to Pumps, Basic Pump Operations, Pump Maintenance, Sprinklers and Standpipes, Pump Hydraulics, Service Testing, Pump Water Supply, Introduction to Aerials, Basic Aerial Operations, Aerial Maintenance, and Aerial Testing.


This certification program will present the student with the knowledge, skills, and ability to satisfy the requirements of Chapter Five (General) of NFPA 1006: Standard for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications. Topics included in this course are: Rescue Operations for the Technical Rescuer, Personal Protective Equipment, Rescue Equipment, Helicopter Transport, Rescue Rigging, Ropes, and Victim Management.


Accidents involving hazardous materials are becoming more prevalent and more serious every day. The Hazmat programs at Wilkes Community College train emergency services and industrial personnel in various aspects of hazardous materials emergencies. This program includes certification by the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission.


In addition to the Firefighter I & II certification program, the college offers specialized and customized training programs for the firefighter. These programs include rapid intervention teams, calling the Mayday, live structural burn, LP gas fires, wildland firefighting, clandestine drug labs and bombs, arson detection, and more.

Contact Information

Image of Stephen Crouse
Stephen Crouse, AAS
Coordinator - Fire, Rescue & EMS
Phone: 336-838-6215
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