College & Career Readiness

The College & Career Readiness Division provides a range of instructional opportunities for adults who have not completed a high school credential or who are functioning below high school level to become literate; obtain knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency; complete secondary education; for parents, to obtain the academic skills necessary to become full partners in the educational development of their children; and, for persons whose native language is not English, to acquire English language proficiency.

Our vision is to improve retention and completion by starting our students’ journey with the end in mind and using a learner-centered, career focused approach to inspire, teach and guide them to reach their personal, educational and career goals.

Contact Information

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Amanda Handy, AAS
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-903-3232
Fax: 336-903-3226
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DeeAnna Parker, MA
Director of Career and College Readiness
Phone: 336-903-3235


The Adult High School Diploma program is offered to adults aged 18 or older. Minors, aged 16 or 17, must contact the program director to inquire about eligibility. Programs of study are of sufficient duration and intensity to enable adults to develop the skills necessary to obtain the diploma. Instruction is offered in a classroom setting, through supervised, individual, programmed learning. Credit is given for all work completed in the public school system as shown on the high school transcript. Students must complete the traditional high school requirements as follows:

Subject Units Required
English 4
Social Studies 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3
Health 1
Electives 6
Total 22

Graduates of this program are awarded diplomas jointly by the Board of Education of the county of residence and Wilkes Community College.

For additional information about the requirements and registering for the Adult High School Diploma program, please call 336-903-3230 or contact the Adult High School Coordinator:

Image of DeeAnna Parker
DeeAnna Parker, MA
Director of Career and College Readiness
Phone: 336-903-3235

The High School Equivalency Diploma program offers instruction to assist learners in preparing to successfully pass a designated high school equivalency test. This test is designed to document knowledge and skills equivalent to that of a graduating high school senior.

Successful examinees are awarded the HSE diploma, issued by the State Board of Community Colleges. Adults 18 and older may qualify for the test. A high school equivalency diploma is issued from the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges upon successful completion of the complete battery of tests.

For additional information, please contact:

Image of DeeAnna Parker
DeeAnna Parker, MA
Director of Career and College Readiness
Phone: 336-903-3235

Don’t have time to come to class? Don’t worry! Preparation for Adult High School (AHS) and High School Equivalency (HSE) is available online in Ashe, Alleghany, and Wilkes. This program requires minimal face-to-face contact.

For additional information on distance learning opportunities, please call:

  • 336-903-3230 (Wilkes)
  • 336-846-3900 (Ashe)
  • 336-372-5061 (Alleghany)

Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a program of instruction designed for adults who need to improve their reading, writing, math, English, or speaking and listening in English. Students with intellectual disabilities are served in all of the programs, dependent upon their assessment scores.

For more information, call 336-903-3230.

English Language Acquisition (ELA) is designed to help adults who have limited English proficiency achieve competence in the English language. Classroom instruction is offered at two levels: beginners and intermediate/advanced. Online instruction is available for intermediate/advanced learners. Instruction focuses on helping students achieve competency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the context of real life situations and communication needs.

For more information, contact the ELA Coordinator:

Marci Moore

The College & Career Readiness (CCR) Division offers web-based Transition Math and Transition English courses with an emphasis on individual and small group instruction. Instructors provide an engaging, positive and supportive environment.

If the student is enrolled in curriculum transition courses, those courses will count toward financial aid. If a student enrolls in the CCR section, the course is FREE and will not count towards financial aid.

Some curriculum classes do, however, require an English or math prerequisite. To register for these courses, completion of Transition classes is required. Your curriculum advisor can assist you in developing a schedule that meets your needs.

When students successfully complete Transition classes in CCR or Curriculum, they can register for Gateway Math or English courses with or without corequisite classes depending on the level of completion.

Admission Requirements

  • Students who have graduated from high school within the last ten years with a GPA less than 2.2 will take Transition English and Transition Math.
  • Students who have graduated from high school ten or more years ago or are high school graduates or do not meet the state requirements for the HiSET test will complete RISE Assessments and may enroll in Transition English and Transition Math.
  • Students who believe they need to strengthen their math and English foundational skills as they enter an academic program may also enroll.


For more information, call 336-903-3230.

Family Literacy Centers offer family literacy programs that include the following components:

  • adult education instruction
  • early childhood instruction
  • parent and child interaction time
  • parenting education

Adult instruction includes Adult Basic Education(ABE), English Language Acquisition (ELA), High School Equivalency Diploma (HSE) and Adult High School Diploma (AHS) classes. Transportation to the centers may be provided. Motheread, creative writing, and career exploration classes are available at some of the centers.

Ashe Family Literacy

Ashe Family Literacy, a program of WCC’s College & Career Readiness Division, enrolls adult students in basic or secondary education, or English Language Acquisition classes, while their children receive high-quality early childhood education to achieve school readiness. Parenting instruction and activities support parents in their role as their children’s first and most important teacher. By offering educational components to both adults and children, the program aims to reduce intergenerational cycles of under-education and poverty that limit lifetime opportunities for employment and advancement.

Class is held Monday – Thursday 8:30-12:30 at Ashe Family Central, 626 Ashe Central School Rd Unit 16, Jefferson, NC 28640. Classes are run from late August through early June.


For more information, contact the Family Literacy Coordinator:

Marci Moore

Career Step in a tuition-free program designed primarily for students with an occupational diploma, high school IEP, or who have intellectual challenges or disabilities. The program leads students on a step-by-step journey through basic academics, liberal arts, employability skills, workplace readiness, and concludes with hands-on training for a chosen career pathway.

Classes meet on the Wilkes Community College campus, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. All students are expected to adhere to all Wilkes Community College rules and regulations and to attend 80% of the scheduled classes.

  • Step 1: Students focus on English, reading, mathematics, and computer skills necessary to progress in the program. Students may enter the program at Step 2 if assessment scores are high enough.
  • Step 2: Focus will continue with academic skills, adding liberal arts, soft skills, and workplace readiness. Students will have the opportunity to obtain the “Working Smart” soft skills credential. Students will explore program pathways.
  • Step 3: This step will have contextualized academic instruction specific to their career program. Students will have an opportunity to learn job-specific skills through workforce training.
  • Step 4: Students will have an opportunity for a pre-apprenticeship or internship, as available, in their pathway through Workforce Development & Community Education or Curriculum certified programs.

If you have any questions, please call 336-903-3230 for assistance.

Transcript Request

To request an official or unofficial copy of your Adult High School Diploma transcript, use the Transcript Request Form.

To request North Carolina High School Equivalency (HSE) records, including your one free official HSE diploma and transcript, use the DiplomaSender website. Any requests mailed to WCC will be returned to sender.