Students can retrieve their college User ID by selecting Step 1 and entering in their last name and social security number or Colleague ID number.

Your WCC User ID will be displayed as example: jdstudent123

If you have never enrolled in the Microsoft password service, you will be prompted for more information when you sign into Office 365.

Click Step 2 or here for Office 365

 Sign in with your college email and current, or default, password:

Set up alternative methods of communication so you can reset you password in the future.  If you don’t wish to use the Microsoft Authenticator App, choose add another method.   We recommend students setup security questions as one method.

Watch this video on how to Enroll in Password Reset

If Office 365 does not prompt you to enroll, you can still set up the alternative communication method in your Office profile.

Click here to access your Office 365 Profile.

Go to Security info, select add a method:

  • Security Questions.
  • Phone call
  • Phone text
  • Alternative Email (other than college email account)

We recommend you choose more than one method.  You can also delete any old methods.

Following the instructions on the screen.

If you are unable to sign in  or need assistance,  submit a Prowler Help ticket.


If you have previous enrolled in Microsoft password service, you can reset your password.

Click the password Reset link found on the WCC Prowler Page, or click here

Enter your college email and follow the prompts on the screen.

Watch this video to learn how to Reset Password.

If you are unable to reset your password, submit a Prowler Help ticket.

Self-Service is an online tool that provides students with real time, up-to-date, confidential access to specific college information. Students may search for course sections, view class schedules, check final grades, print an unofficial transcript, and view account status (holds/fines due, tuition and fees due).   Students will register online via Self-Service during registration periods.

How to Sign In to Self-Service

Navigate to the Student Portal at

  • Click the Self-Service icon.
  • Enter college email and current password
  • Select Sign In
  • Choose from the menu options

 For more detailed instructions see the attached How-Do-I guides and videos.

How to register for classes

How to resolve a scheduling conflict

How to print your schedule

How to drop a course

How to add your schedule to your calendar 

How to access my progress

How to read my progress

How to view a new program

How to view grades

How to Register – Video

Microsoft Office 365 includes your favorite Office features online and allows you to create sophisticated documents and presentations, and collaborate in real time with classmates, faculty, and Wilkes Community College support services. Your WCC Office 365 account give you access your college email, 1TB of OneDrive storage, and access to download Microsoft Office Apps at home.

How to Sign In to Office 365

Navigate to the Student Portal at

  • Click the Office icon
  • Enter full email address (
  • Enter current password
  • Select from Apps
    • Outlook to access your college email and calendar
    • OneDrive to store documents or share documents with others

For more detailed instructions see the attached How-Do-I guides and videos.

How to log into Office 365 video

How to log into Office 365 

How to create and share a file in Office 365 video

How to access and edit a file shared with me in Office 365 video

Moodle is Wilkes Community College’s online learning management system. Moodle provides a space for all courses and a central location for accessing online course information, such as course announcements, course syllabi, grades, activities, assignments, tests, discussion boards, content and instructor email.   Student Moodle accounts are created with 48 hours of registering for their first course.

Courses will appear in Moodle on the first day of class.

How to Log In to Moodle

Navigate to the Student Portal at

  • Click the Moodle icon.
  • Enter User ID and current password.
  • Select Log In

Help available in Moodle. 

A Moodle User Tour is a guide to help users learn how to navigate a Moodle page.

  • Log into Moodle
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Reset User Tour”
  • User Tours can be found on the following pages:
    • Moodle Site Home
    • Moodle Dashboard
    • Any Course Home Page
    • Any Course Gradebook
    • User Profile
    • Edit Profile

For Moodle Help, see the Help & Support section located in Moodle, scroll to the bottom of the screen.

If you are unable to access Moodle, submit a Prowler Help ticket for assistance.

Students can submit electronic forms to their instructor, advisor, or other departments of Wilkes Community College. Forms may only be available during specific time periods as designated on the Academic Calendar, such as the student drop form.

How to Log In to E-Forms

Navigate to the Student Portal at

  • Click the E-Forms icon.
  • Enter User ID and current password.
  • Select Submit
  • Expand Forms, then select form from menu
  • Complete Form as prompted
  • Submit form at the bottom

For more detailed instructions see the attached How-Do-I guides and videos.

How to use E-Forms

How Do I....?

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Select a topic to expand for more detailed information.

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Prowler Help Desk is monitored during the following times:

Fall and Spring Semesters (on class days only):
Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Friday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.

Summer Semester (on class days only):
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Friday: Closed

Prowler Help Desk requests submitted after hours will be reviewed when Prowler Help Desk reopens.
For in-person assistance, you may also visit the Academic Support Center located on the third floor of Thompson Hall on the Wilkes Campus.