Front-End Web Developer

Front-end developers strike a balance between art and science, combining code – HTML, CSS, and Javascript – with visual design principles to create a great user experience. This 100% online course will put you on the fast track to starting an entry-level career as a front-end web developer. By course completion, you’ll put your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to practice building the front-end of a website for your professional portfolio.


Front-end web developers create what users see when they enter a website or use a web application. For web applications, the presentation layer – or “front-end” – is created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These technologies largely run the user-facing aspects of a web application.

While the front-end is what the user sees, the backend or “logic layer” contains any special functions the app may perform. Backend development centers around a programming language such as Python or a library of pre-made components like Flask.

Course Objectives

  • Build websites with HTML
  • Use CSS styling to change web pages
  • JavaScript for web applications
  • Creating, styling, and validating web forms


There are no prerequisites to take this course.


  • Introduction to HTML: Overview of web development and HTML formatting; creating links paragraphs, headings and text
  • Introduction to CSS: Crash course in CSS fonts, text, color, opacity and lists as hierarchical navigation; display and visibility, pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements
  • Introduction to Javascript: JavaScript basics, functions and built-in objects; variables, arrays, and operators, conditionals and loops
  • Introduction to Creating, Styling, and Validating Web Forms: HTML forms; JavaScript form validation and styling forms with CSS
  • Final Project: Create an interactive front-end website for your portfolio


Nat Dunn founded Webucator in 2003 to combine his passion for technical training with his business expertise and to help companies benefit from both. His previous experience was in sales, business and technical training, and management. Nat has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in International Relations from Pomona College.

Registration and Enrollment

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