l-r: Kristen Macemore, Dr. Natasha Harris, Caitlin Howell, Kendra Perkins, Ronald Dollyhite, Sherry Cox, Susan Nilo, Billy Woods, and Dr. Yolanda Wilson.


                                                                                            New Space

Members of WCC’s Instructional Core Team, Alleghany Center staff, and Administrative Council recently created an outdoor space at the Alleghany Council on Aging.

Director of the WCC Alleghany Center, Susan Nilo said, “I would like to thank the members of WCC Administrative Council, WCC Instructional Core Team, WCC Alleghany Center Staff, as well as the following partners that helped make this project possible; Jake Billings with Foothills Building Supply who donated various items to prepare the space; Mike Lyons and Bill Hash’s Alleghany High School CTE classes who made and placed the concrete tables; Scott’s Landscaping for their donation of pots for the plants; WCC Horticulture department who grew the plants as well as provided the layout for each pot; the Alleghany County maintenance staff that delivered the mulch; and the Alleghany Council on Aging for storing the items throughout the process, helping prepare the space, and providing the WCC staff a tour and lunch on the day of the project April 15, 2021.” Future plans for the area include having a WCC class return to edge the area and plant a shade tree.

WCC Alleghany Center staff participating included Susan Nilo, Director of Alleghany Center and Talina Pipes, Student Services and Career and College Promise Coordinator of Alleghany Center; Instructional Support staff included Billy Woods, Dean of Health Sciences; Ronald Dollyhite, Dean of Applied Career Technologies; Donna Riddle, Lead Horticulture Instructor; Kendra Perkins, Director of Curriculum and Student Services; Dr. Natasha Harris, Director of Faculty/Staff Development and QEP Director; Kristen Macemore, Dean of Business and Public Service Technologies; and Caitlin Howell, Curriculum Records Manager; WCC Administrative Council staff included Sherry Cox, Executive Director of Human Resources and Dr. Yolanda Wilson, VP of Instructional Services.