photograph of Kristen Macemore, Chair of Business and Technologies, Zachary Parker and Gary Daemer, President Infusion Points

Pictured left to right: Kristen Macemore, Chair of Business and Technologies, Zachary Parker and Gary Daemer, President InfusionPoints

Upon being honorably discharged from the United States Army, I had a great amount of experience in communications and military leadership. One thing I did not have was an education to support my experience. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way, through failed job applications and interviews, that employers were looking for experience, and even more importantly, education. Although I oftentimes had superior experience, I wouldn’t get considered for positions by hiring managers because of the lack of a degree.

At this point, I knew that if I was going to excel in the information technology field, I would need to complete a degree. That was when I registered to become a student at Wilkes Community College in Computer Technology Integration with a specialty in Networking Technology. I was very impressed with Wilkes Community College’s staff interaction with me. The assistance WCC offered was oftentimes personalized to help meet my needs to give me the best opportunity of being successful during my time in the CTI-Networking program. From assistance with financial aid to finding work-based training, WCC supported me the whole way. My advisor and lead instructor, Randy Gambill, pushed to get the most out of me technically during the entirety of the CTI-Networking program. While the program was very challenging, it was equally rewarding. Classmates in the program were oftentimes eager to work in teams, and I found this to be very helpful during some of the technical challenges.

At the end of the CTI-Networking program, I could combine my experience with the education that I had gained at Wilkes Community College. All the focus and hard work had paid off once I submitted my updated resume to obtain a Cyber Security Analyst role with InfusionPoints. At this point, I was much more confident and prepared for the in-depth interview with Gary Daemer and the InfusionPoints team. Thankfully, I secured my dream job as Cyber Security Analyst at InfusionPoints LLC located in North Wilkesboro, N.C. This would have been completely impossible if not for enrolling at Wilkes Community College and gaining an Associate in Applied Science in CTI-Networking degree.

I will always be very appreciative of Wilkes Community College and the staff that helped me reach my goals. Thank you, WCC!