Daniel Hayes graduated from Wilkes Community College in 2016 with a degree in Applied Engineering and in 2017 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. What makes Daniel’s story unique is that he first obtained his bachelor’s degree from a four-year liberal arts university. After working in the field of industrial design, he decided to continue his education at Wilkes Community College. When asked about this, Daniel replied, “I have always loved being in school and learning. What I found at WCC was the term “applied technologies” is literal in every sense. The courses are designed to directly apply to industry; especially industry in the surrounding area. After graduating from WCC, I had the qualifications and the training to go into the workforce as an Industrial Engineer. A lot of high school students aren’t aware that community college is a great way to go for an engineering or technology career. In many instances it is a faster and less expensive pathway to earning a living and doing something you love.”

Daniel is currently working at Craft Master Furniture in Hiddenite, N.C. as an industrial engineer. He is completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and plans to continue his education by earning a master’s degree. He enjoys designing and making furniture and spending time with his family.