The purpose of the Student Grievance Process is to determine equitable solutions to problems that might arise and to deal with these problems in a fair and just manner. This process is open to students and/or employees seeking a resolution for what is perceived to be unfair treatment in student-student or student-faculty/staff interaction.

The grievance process must be initiated within five school days after the aggrieved party becomes aware of the situation. For academic issues with curriculum courses, students are asked to attempt to resolve the matter by first talking with the faculty member involved, then the division dean, and lastly the senior academic officer. For academic issues for continuing education courses, students are asked to attempt to resolve the matter by first talking with the instructor involved, then the senior continuing education officer. For all other issues, students are asked to attempt to resolve the situation with the other party involved and if unsuccessful, contact the dean of student services and lastly the senior student services official.

Contact Information

Image of Darrell Finney
Darrell Finney, MA
Dean of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 336-838-6187
Image of Kristen Macemore
Kristen Macemore, MBA
Dean of Business and Public Service Technologies
Phone: 336-838-6427
Fax: 336-903-3202
Image of Billy Woods
Dean-Health Sciences & Director-Respiratory Therapy
Phone: 336-838-6496
Image of Ronald Dollyhite
Ronald Dollyhite, MA
Dean of Applied Career Technologies (ACT)
Phone: 336-838-6149
Image of Susan Nilo
Susan Nilo, MA
Director of Alleghany Center
Phone: 336-903-3141
Fax: 336-903-3152
Image of Kendra Perkins
Kendra Perkins, MA
Director of Curriculum and Student Services
Phone: 336-903-3116
Image of Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson, BA
Vice President of WDCE and Ashe Campus
Phone: 336-903-3111
Fax: 336-903-3164
Image of Debbie Woodard
Debbie Woodard, MA
Dean of College Readiness and Basic Skills
Phone: 336-903-3231
Image of Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson, EdS
Dean of Student Services
Phone: 336-838-6141
Image of Kim Faw
Kim Faw, MA
Vice President of Instructional Support & Student Services
Phone: 336-838-6293