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The Advertising and Graphic Design curriculum is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the graphic design profession which emphasizes design, advertising, illustration, and digital and multimedia preparation of printed and electronic promotional materials.

Students will be trained in the development of concept and design for promotional materials such as newspaper and magazine advertisements, posters, folders, letterheads, corporate symbols, brochures, booklets, preparation of art for printing, lettering and typography, photography, and electronic media.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities with graphic design studios, advertising agencies, printing companies, department stores, a wide variety of manufacturing industries, newspapers, and businesses with in-house graphics operations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency using industry standard software to generate video, with quality audio, for advertising needs.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Social Media Marketing through various projects and the creation of mock social media sites.
  • Think practically and creatively to analyze, synthesize, and develop design and media solutions through brainstorm