Wilkes Community College (WCC) is pleased to announce the addition of eight-week minimester course offerings. The eight-week minimesters afford students flexible options that meet their scheduling needs and allow them to focus on fewer courses at a time to help them stay focused. These courses provide a great opportunity for students with busy lives to go to college while pursuing their educational dreams.

Short minimesters also offer students the opportunity to finish course sequences in one semester as well as the flexibility to start their educational journey at any time. In addition to the traditional 16-week semester, this spring will include two eight-week sessions, allowing students the opportunity to earn college credit after only 8 weeks. Since students can focus on a few eight-week courses at a time, they can fit their education into their personal and professional lives while they continue to keep moving toward their academic and career goals.

“We are excited to offer eight-week minimesters that are flexible and affordable to meet the needs of all of our students,” stated Dr. Yolanda Wilson, VP of Instruction. “By focusing on fewer classes at once, our students can learn in a way that works for them, balance their work and family responsibilities, and make steady progress toward their ultimate goal of graduation.”

“I think a lot of our students may prefer to take two or three eight-week classes at a time instead of taking five or six courses for the whole semester,” stated Dr. Jeff Cox, President.  “Even though the actual hourly requirements for the courses are the same, it is just less overwhelming to take two courses at a time instead of five.”

For more information about WCC’s minimesters call 336-838-6100.