Front row seated l-r: Sarah Inscore, sophmore senator; Riley Jenkins, sophmore senator; Shabrina McPherson, president
Back row seated l-r: Cody Call, sophmore senator and Eric Kohlmeier, vice-president

The Student Government Association (SGA) at the Wilkes Campus has named the following officers to serve for the 2019-2020 school year:

Executive Board

  • President: Shabrina McPherson*
  • Vice President: Eric Kohlmeier*

SGA Senator

  • Sophomore Senator: Sarah Inscore*
  • Sophomore Senator: Riley Jenkins
  • Sophomore Senator: Cody Call

* Elected in spring 2019

The SGA-Wilkes Campus held annual elections during spring 2019 semester to name SGA Executive Board positions. During the election, both the president and vice-president were filled. The SGA fall elections held September 27-30 named three sophomore senator positions.

The WCC SGA strives to give a voice to the student body of Wilkes Community College. The goal of SGA is to provide an educational, informative and recreational experience outside the classroom as well as develop leaders and problem-solvers beyond the college walls. SGA members are given a forum to exchange ideas, thoughts, and concerns. This is also the opportunity to explore issues unique to our college and region and to share in the construction of solutions to challenges and obstacles that can benefit us all. Every Wilkes Community College student that pays the student activity fee is eligible to join SGA.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official representative of the student body at Wilkes Community College. Executive board and senators are elected each year and work with the students in organizing a variety of activities throughout the year. In addition, SGA approves charters for organizations and allocates funds for student events. It also provides leadership in student affairs and assists in the development of programs for the betterment of the college. The SGA president serves as an ex-officio member of the college’s Board of Trustees and participates in the review of policies that will affect student life at Wilkes Community College.

For more information about WCC’s Student Government Association, contact Sabrina Bowman, student activities coordinator/admissions representative, at 336-838-6142 or