l-r: Staff Sergeant Ryan Reis, U.S. Army and Allison Phillips, WCC VP of Institutional Advancement

WCC VP of Institutional Advancement, Allison Phillips recently took part in a jump with the U.S. Army Golden Knights. The United States Army Parachute Team, nicknamed the Golden Knights, is a demonstration and competition parachute team of the United States Army.

Each year the NC State Board of Community Colleges awards The Excellence in Teaching Award to faculty members who exemplify the highest quality and standards of instruction throughout the N.C Community College System (NCCCS). The U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion partners with the N.C. Community College System to offer award recipients an opportunity to jump with the U.S. Army Golden Knights.

Debbie Saltmarsh, Education Services Specialist, U.S. Army Recruiting BN stated, “The U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion in Raleigh understands the importance of education and truly appreciates everything NC community college educators do to support their students as well as their local Army recruiters. To show our appreciation for everything they do, we partner with the N.C. Community College’s State Office to offer a Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity to jump with the U.S. Army Golden Knights!”

Due to a scheduling conflict, Hardin Kennedy, WCC chair of Transportation Technologies, the 2020 Excellence in Teaching Award recipient, was unable to take part in the jump thisyear and Allison Phillips, VP of Institutional Advancement took his place. “We are so proud of Hardin and his accomplishments at WCC and that NCCCS recognized his achievements. It was an honor to step in for Hardin Kennedy and represent Wilkes Community College in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” stated Phillips.