Wilkes Community College would like to extend congratulations to high school students who have earned certificates and degrees. These students have achieved academic success by getting a head start on their post-secondary plans, either to continue their education or launch their careers. These students have earned between 12-40 college credits while working towards the completion of their high school diploma. A certificate is typically four or five courses of 12 or more college credits, demonstrating foundational knowledge in an applied science program of study. These courses are taught in the high schools, online, and at the WCC campuses. We are proud of each student for beginning their college education with us and earning a credential.

Alleghany County High School Students Receiving Certificates: Mason Lee Carrier, Introduction to Beef; Chloe Moriah Caudill, Business Administration; Jared Foley, Criminal Justice Technology Transfer; Bailey McKenzie Gates, Criminal Justice Technology; Natalia Adriana Gonzalez, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology Transfer; Grayson Smith Hamm, Criminal Justice Technology; Ally Paige Hanson, Business Administration; Conner Edward Leach, Business Administration; Guang Sheng Li, Information Technology: IT CCP; Jaime Hernandez Lopez, Advertising and Graphic Design; Logan Marlow, Information Technology: IT CCP; Jennifer Nicole Miles, Criminal Justice Technology Transfer; Gabriel Blu Navarro, Criminal Justice Technology Transfer; John Wayne Prest, Criminal Justice Technology; Adam Tyler Pruitt, Information Technology: IT CCP; Logan Charles Pugh, Information Technology: IT CCP; Haley Paige Rife, Criminal Justice Technology Transfer; Sadie Suzanne Sturgill, Criminal Justice Technology; and Joshua Ryan Taylor, Criminal Justice Technology.

Ashe County High School Students Receiving Certificates: Colby Glenn Baldwin, Plant Production; Mahaley Cronk, Criminal Justice Technology; and Charles David Lagasse, Business Administration.

East Wilkes High School Students Receiving Certificates: Dustin Blake Blackburn, Criminal Justice Technology; Daniel Blake Durham, Introduction to Architectural & Construction; Isaac Scott Edmiston, Introduction to Animal Science; Isaac Scott Edmiston, Poultry; Kamden Makayla Kimmer, Criminal Justice Technology; Jazmyn Marie Martinez, Introduction to Architectural & Construction; Skyler Cheyenne Lee Mathis, Basic Transportation; Carson Dale McCollum, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Tyler Lee McKinney, MIG Welding, and MIG/TIG; Austin Smoot, Basic Transportation; Dakota Levi Wilson, Basic Transportation.

North Wilkes High School Students Receiving Certificates: Kaleb Devante Buck, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Abbey Simone Byrd Business Administration; Jorge Chavez-Meza, Information Technology: IT CCP; Trenton Ray Church, MIG Welding, and Stick Welding; Luke Delton Cothren, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Kevin Hernandez-Posada, Criminal Justice Technology; Kristian Tyler Howell, Basic Transportation; Everette Huffman, Information Technology: IT CCP; Austin Matthew Johnson, Basic Transportation; Elijah Dane Johnson, Basic Transportation; Nathan Scott Johnson, Basic Transportation; Ariel Lagunas, Introduction to Architectural & Construction; Brayden Hunter McGlamery, Basic Welding; Tanner Ian Medley, Information Technology: IT CCP, and Information Technology: Digital Media; Breanna Jade Minton, Information Technology: IT CCP; Austin Nathaniel Perry, Basic Welding; Francisco Sebastian-Cuevas, Information Technology: IT CCP; Aaryan Singh, Information Technology: IT CCP; Sarah Ann Stikes, Information Technology: IT CCP; Brandon Scott Vickers, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Patrick Dale Vickers, MIG/TIG; Jake Walker, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding.

West Wilkes High School Students Receiving Certificates: Matthew Cera, Stick Welding, and Basic Welding; Jennifer Cortez-Rayas, Business Administration; Connor Nicholas Elledge, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Blake Kenneth Greene, Welding Technology, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Michael Griffith, Basic Transportation, and Transportation Climate Control; Avery Thomas Hart, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Dillon Cole Hollar, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Dylan Clayton Johnson, Information Technology: Digital Media; Parks Kilby, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Cameron Hunter Lovette, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Johnathan Charles Luckey, Business Administration; Rustin Dwayne Miller, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Zack David Nuzzolilo, Introduction to Architectural & Construction; Meah Grace Osborne, Business Administration; Jonathan Thomas Smith, Introduction to Animal Science; Bryce Connor Stanley, Basic Transportation; Kennedy Alexis Willens, Business Administration; John Grayson Yates, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Basic Welding.

Wilkes Central High School Students Receiving Certificates: Luke Conner Blackburn, Basic Transportation; Barbara Casey, Business Administration; Sergio Gomez-Benitez, Business Administration; Jonathan Daniel Hernandez, Business Administration; Clay Lester Johnson, Introduction to Horticulture; Daniel Murphy Long, Basic Transportation; Brandon Elias Lopez-Delgado, MIG/TIG; Tyler Jordan Lovette, Basic Transportation, and Transportation Climate Control; Cody Lane Marley, Basic Transportation, MIG, and MIG/TIG;  Raymond Cean O’Grady, MIG Welding, MIG/TIG, and Stick Welding; Jonatan Ortiz, Basic Transportation; Jonathan Cole Pearson, Introduction to Horticulture; Macie Paige Shumate, Introduction to Horticulture; Matthew Lee Smith, Basic Transportation; and Christopher Loyd Williams, Stick Welding.

Hartley’s Homeschool Students Receiving Certificates: Connor Andrew Hartley, Line Cook.

Solid Rock Foundation Academy Students Receiving Certificates: Josh Saffold, Line Cook.

Harvest Time Christian Academy Students Receiving Certificates: Gene Curtis Shepherd, Basic Transportation, and Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.

Creekside Christian Academy Students Receiving Certificates: Lauren Cade Terrell, Business Administration, and Accounting.

Eastern Burke Christian Academy Students Receiving Certificates: Tyler Christian Whisnant, Basic Transportation.

Four high school students have completed an Associate in Arts Degree of 60 credit hours. This is a great accomplishment for anyone, especially students taking high school courses at the same time. Well done WCC students!     

High School Students Receiving an Associate in Arts Degree: William Calloway Purcell, Mountains to Sea School; Brittany Nicole Rutherford, Ashe County High School, Lilah Brooke Terrell, Creekside Christian Academy; Sarah Lynne Whittington, West Wilkes High School.

“We look forward to celebrating the achievements of additional high school students as they complete certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees throughout the summer semester,” said Dr. Jeff Cox, WCC president.