Chad Spears, director of VNSOC and Operations at InfusionPoints and WCC alumni, recently spoke with Randy Gambill’s Security Concepts class and gave an overview of their company’s services and what a typical day would look like for one of their analysts.

Mr. Spears stated, “InfusionPoints continues to look for skilled analysts for our VNSOC and we would like to extend an offer to the students at Wilkes Community College (WCC) by committing to interview the top three candidates from this class.”

WCC Information Technology/Network Management lead instructor, Randy Gambill added the Cyber Ops curriculum to the course at the request of InfusionPoints during an annual Information Technology Advisory Committee meeting. InfusionPoints employees were encouraged to take the course in its piloted offering.

“This opportunity is an excellent example of how our Advisory Committee, specifically InfusionPoints members, provided feedback on our curriculum and we responded with specific course content,” stated Kristen Macemore, WCC dean of Business and Public Service Technologies.

WCC’s Program Advisory Committees are an essential link between the area’s business and industry community and the college. Whether preparing students for entry into the world of work or transfer to a four-year college or university, advisory committees provide input to ensure the relevance of the college’s curricula in a rapidly changing world. Additionally, the committees advise the institution regarding the improvement of programs to adequately meet the needs of the community. Committee members are business and industry representatives, local educators, and citizens from the three-county service area who are familiar with and interested in the needs of the community. Their expertise in the areas they represent provides opportunities for suggestions, recommendations, and assistance with specific programs.

WCC’s Information Technology program includes training in network management, preparing students for employment as network technicians, network administrators, and support technicians. Course offerings are also available in computer programming. Beginning fall 2022, Wilkes plans to add a Systems Security pathway designed to prepare graduates for employment in cybersecurity.

l-r: Randy Gambill and Chad Spears