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Wilkes Community College, in partnership with the NCWorks Career Center and High Country Workforce Development Board, will offer Finish Line Grants to qualified WCC students. Finish Line Grants are designed to assist currently enrolled students who are facing financial emergencies that may prevent them from completing their college curriculum or community education programs. Many students juggle work and family responsibilities, and financial emergencies can bring their education to a halt. A Finish Line Grant can make a difference in helping students complete their degree or credential.

Grants are contingent upon available state funds. The maximum grant per student each semester is $1,000 and is not to exceed two semesters. Grants assist with direct payments to vendors (not to reimburse students) for allowable expenses such as the following:

  • Transportation assistance and auto repairs (excluding regular maintenance; written estimates required)
  • Car insurance (no car payments)
  • Utilities and internet (non-bundled price excluding phone or cable)
  • Rent (no mortgages or deposits)
  • Child care expenses
  • Books and school supplies
  • Short-term medical needs for student (no family members)
  • Accommodations for individuals with disabilities
  • Tuition, licenses, and certifications

Eligible students must be currently enrolled in community college programs leading to a degree or credential and meet the following criteria:

  • Completed at least 50% of degree or credential (including current semester enrollment)
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA)
  • Citizen of, or eligible to work in, the United States
  • If male and subject to Selective Service, be registered with Selective Service
  • Willing to enroll in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) services through the NCWorks Career Center

Students should contact Debbie Furr directly to discuss their financial emergency at or 336-838-6545. If deemed eligible and expense is allowed, Debbie Furr and the student will complete a Finish Line Grant application together. NCWorks/WIOA staff will then contact the student to schedule an appointment, enroll in WIOA, and arrange for payment.