Focus 2

Focus 2 is a comprehensive career and educational planning tool partnered with WCC. You can use all the sections as steps in career planning, or you may jump to any component. New users will need to register using an email address (registering with your WCC email is an easy way to remember your ID). All career assessment tools have strengths and weaknesses. It is always best to combine results with information from career counselors, advisors, and instructors to ensure you make a fully informed decision about your career pathway. To register:

Step  1: Click the New User button on this page for free registration, and note that your WCC access code is wcc (all lowercase).

Step 2: Enjoy Focus 2, and don’t forget to call Career Services for a counselor to help guide you or go over your results!

Understanding the Focus 2 Dashboard

Student Dashboard Description
screenshot of the Career Planning Foundations section of the Focus 2 dashboard A Great Starting Point
Orientation to the career planning process and how to be career ready
screenshot of the Self Assessment section of the Focus 2 dashboard Valid & Reliable Self Assessments
Assessment results identify occupations and majors at your college matching users’ personal attributes
screenshot of the Explore the Possibilities section of the Focus 2 dashboard Major & Career Exploration
Students explore suggested majors and navigate career options to make informed decisions
screenshot of the Take Action section of the Focus 2 dashboard Academic & Career Plan
Students develop a road map to plan for their future
screenshot of the Career and Education Planning section of the Focus 2 dashboard Focus 2 Career Portfolio
Summary of users’ results with their individual comments & top choices
screenshot of the Recommended Tools and Websites section of the Focus 2 dashboard Resources & Links
Customize with website links of your choice

(access code: wcc)