With any growing, competitive job market, the right training can make all the difference for job-seekers. WCC and Artistic Academy prepare graduates of the Cosmetology Program to enter a competitive job market with advanced skills, confidence and marketability.

The Cosmetology course is designed for full-time and part-time classes. Fifteen hundred hours and mastering numerous skills are required before receiving a certificate of completion. A state board exam is administered before licenses can be rendered.

We offer a complete cosmetology course, including skills of haircutting, styling, permanent waving, hair coloring, hair relaxing, facials, manicuring, pedicuring, make-up, massage, lash/brow tint, waxing, and other cosmetic procedures.

Students completing the basic curriculum satisfactorily will advance to the clinic to complete remaining hours under instructor’s supervision.

This comprehensive course provides instruction and clinical practice in manicuring, nail building (application and maintenance of artificial nails), and pedicuring. The course content includes nail anatomy, disorders of nails, and irregularities of nails; theory and salesmanship as it relates to manicuring; actual practice in manicuring; and arm, hand, and foot massage.

Manicurist students must complete 300 hours in an approved beauty school or college before applying to the State Board of Cosmetic Arts for examination. Students enrolled only in manicuring shall only perform services directly to the prescribed course in manicuring.

Please note, this is a comprehensive course to provide training for those persons interested in becoming registered manicurists only and not desiring to become licensed cosmetologists.

The Esthetician (Skin Care) Programs consists of facial manipulations; facial for dry, normal, and oily skin types, packs and masks. It also includes make-up application, waxing, tweezing, and the study of skin disorders and diseases. This course is designed for full-time and part-time classes, and includes theory and practical application. Six hundred hours (600) are required.


Contact Information

Wilkes – Cosmetology:

Image of Jeff Shore
Jeff Shore, MA
Director of Workforce Development and Community Education Administration and Occupational Training
Phone: 336-838-6206
Fax: 336-903-3174

Ashe – Cosmetology:

Image of Miriam Little
Miriam Little, Diploma
Coordinator/lnstructor - Cosmetology

Phone: 336-982-HAIR (4247)

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