Wilkes Community College held a walk-through Nursing Pinning Ceremony on Wednesday evening, May 12, at the John A. Walker Community Center.

Emily Orr, WCC Director of Nursing said, “The class members worked very hard to get to this point and were able to overcome many obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to graduate nursing school. We are so proud of the graduates, and their commitment and perseverance to reach their academic goal. They will be outstanding nurses!”

Those graduates who have achieved the Associate in Applied Science degree in Nursing are:

Stephanie Abdelhamid, North Wilkesboro; Toni Blake, Moravian Falls; Lauren Blevins, Wilkesboro; Cody Call, North Wilkesboro; Jordan Campbell, Harmony; Destiny Church, Hays; Abby Cloer, Statesville; Carly Collins (RIBN), Jonesville; Kendra Davis, Jonesville; Sydni Dimmerette, Hamptonville; Kendall Elledge, North Wilkesboro; Laiken Foster, Wilkesboro; Brooke Goodman, Fleetwood; Kasey Gwaltney, Taylorsville; Savannah Hendrix, Millers Creek; Kimberly Kovach, North Wilkesboro; Yesenia Lara (RIBN), North Wilkesboro; Lindsey Miller, Hays Ashleigh Pack, North Wilkesboro; Melissa Pennell, Millers Creek; Savannah Putman, Boonville; Amanda Severt, North Wilkesboro; Morgan Shatley, Jefferson; Abigail Smithey, Wilkesboro; Christofher Sonda-Lopez, Crumpler; Megan Taylor, North Wilkesboro; Stephanie Walker, North Wilkesboro; Maria Watson, Wilkesboro; Haley Wellborn, Millers Creek; and Avery Wood, North Wilkesboro.

Valerie Bailey, Dr. Terrie “Rebecca” Clark, Dr. Pamela Courville, Heather Grant, Dawn Hendren, Brenda Howell, Dr. Rhonda Jones, Christy Klein, Faylene Lankford, Stephanie Lunsford, Emily Orr, Jayne Phipps-Boger, Brandi Roberts, Dr. Tammy Trivette, and Billie Shumate served on the faculty teaching the graduates in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings.


Front row l-r: Stephanie Walker, Toni Blake, Yesenia Lara, Stephanie Abdelhamid, Jordan Campbell, Kasey Gwaltney, Kendell Elledge, Megan Taylor, Savanah Hendrix, Amanda Severt, Maeghan Pack, Kendra Davis, Lindsey Miller, and Haley Welborn.

Back row l-r: Cody Call, Maria Watson, Melissa Pennell, Avery Wood, Abby Cloer, Destiny Church, Kimberly Kovach, Lauren Blevins, Savannah Putman, Sydney Dimmette, Carly Collins, Abigail Smithey, Laiken Foster, and Christofher Sonda Lopez.

Not pictured: Brooke Goodman and Morgan Shatley