Sarah Shepherd

Both of my parents attended community college and both went on to earn four-year degrees. I knew that I wanted to go into nursing, like my mom, so I started looking into different options. What made the difference and what was ultimately the deciding factor was the Ribbon Program between WCC and Lenoir-Rhyne University. Essentially, I was guaranteed a spot in their nursing program after completing my first two years with WCC.  If you are going into nursing, then you know this is a huge benefit!  Especially for me, because I had a timeline for my educational goals; with the end result of earning my doctorate and becoming a licensed nurse practitioner.

I also believe CCP (Career & College Promise) classes enabled me to be more successful. I was able to complete high school with six college freshman courses under my belt. Anyone who is considering a career in a field that requires clinicals such as nursing or dental should be taking CCP classes.  Because of the opportunity to complete these classes during high school; I was able to focus mainly on nursing in college. Several of my classmates who did not take CCP classes found the required class load to be overwhelming.