Earl Byrd

Earl Byrd has enjoyed a career in law enforcement for over 13 years.  He just completed one associate degree and will complete another in the late spring, both with a concentration on criminal justice.  Earl plans to obtain his bachelors and master’s degrees with the goal being to advance his law enforcement career and eventually teach at WCC.

When asked, Earl said there were several reasons he decided to continue his education. He hopes to set the example for his two young sons that education is important for personal fulfillment and financial success. And, perhaps, most compelling, is his desire to give back to his community and alma mater by teaching criminal justice, a field he has dedicated most of his career to.

“Being in law enforcement and a student in criminal justice has given me a unique perspective, one that I hope follows me from the station to the classroom and back again.  I have enjoyed being in class with students fresh out of high school. Their natural curiosity and enthusiasm has inspired me to work hard and enjoy the journey.  Wilkes Community College is, without a doubt, where I want to teach someday.  There is just something special about WCC and the way you are embraced as a student regardless of your unique path.  I feel like I’m a part of a family here at WCC.  Someday I hope that I can pass that on to my students.”