Wilkes Community College (WCC) is excited to announce that two WCC faculty members, Meret Burke, and Valerie Bailey, have successfully completed the North Carolina Community College Master Instructor (NC3MI) Certification Program. Meret Burke is the Chair of Communication, Language, and Transfer Education as well as the Lead Instructor in English, and Valerie Bailey is the Simulation Coordinator and Nursing instructor. They were part of the inaugural program and were recently recognized for their achievement at a ceremony in Soia, NC.

The North Carolina Community College Master Instructor (NC3MI) Certification Program aims to recognize and enhance the skills of outstanding faculty across North Carolina’s Community Colleges. It rewards master instructors who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to student success, innovative teaching practices, collaborative leadership, stakeholder engagement, and student preparedness for the workforce.

This program offers faculty members an exceptional opportunity to expand their impact, grow professionally, and actively contribute to improving the educational experience in North Carolina’s Community Colleges. With the participation of faculty and the support of college presidents and chief academic officers, we can cultivate a culture of excellence, innovation, and student success that resonates throughout the state.

Both Meret and Valerie voluntarily applied to the program and were selected by the NCCCS to participate in the inaugural program, which included 27 faculty members from 16 community colleges across the state.

Dr. Natasha Harris, Dean of Arts & Sciences stated, “Meret is the epitome of a lifelong learner, consistently striving for excellence and embraces continuous improvement by collaborating with partners and affiliate programs across the NC Community College System and the UNC system to ensure alignment and quality experiences for all students. She tirelessly refines and enhances her teaching techniques each semester, always prioritizing the best interests of her students. Ms. Burke’s dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to our campus.”

Tammy Beck, Dean of Health Sciences states, “Valerie understands that students have diverse learning needs and has set a professional goal to develop teaching strategies that promote student success. These strategies involve conducting successful planning meetings with each student to address non-academic barriers and discuss available academic support resources. Furthermore, Valerie integrates real-life scenarios and clinical experiences into each lesson through the use of case studies and simulation activities. Valerie firmly believes that every student can thrive with equal opportunities and a positive learning atmosphere.”


l-r: Meret Burke and Valerie Bailey