The WCC Ashe Campus – School of Cosmetic Arts hosted an Alumni Evening on Monday, April 4 in their new facility. The evening was a huge success. Miriam Little, cosmetology coordinator stated, “Our memorable Alumni Evening was sharing of laughter, hugs, telling funny stories, and happy times. Several commented on the Hair Shows we went to and competitions at Skills USA as being their best memories. The making of lifelong friends is one of the best things about Cosmetology school.  Everyone was excited about the beautiful new school. Best of all, cosmetology has produced careers to carry them thru their lifetime.”


l-r: Miriam Little and Chris Robinson

VP of Ashe Campus and Workforce Development and Community Education, Chris Robinson stated, “We were pleased to show off our new facilities to our cosmetology alumni. They are the foundation of what has become a wonderfully successful program at the Ashe Campus. To see how pleased they were with the new space and to hear about all of their successes made for a great evening and a welcome reminder of the impact our programs can make in the lives of our students.”

Becky Greer, director of workforce development and community education, Ashe Campus and Alleghany Center stated, “It was an honor to host the first Alumni Event for our WCC-Ashe Campus School of Cosmetic Arts graduates. Miriam Little, Tonya Watson, and Kari Johnson are assets to the Cosmetology school and to our college. It was obvious in the conversations shared that our graduates are successful, grateful for the instruction they received, and excited about the new school and what it means to the cosmetology industry in our community and throughout the state.”

Tonya Watson, lead cosmetology instructor stated, “What a wonderful night we had at our alumni evening with moments of happiness and nostalgia. Our students are family, so it was like having a big family reunion. We laughed, cried, and reminisced of all the great times we had together. It is so great to see how successful they have become in their field, and I am so proud to have been a part of it. We look forward to the next time.”

First Cosmetology graduates l-r: Kari Johnson Instructor, Tonya Watson Lead Instructor, Jade Blowers, Stephanie Stikes, Mackenzie Parsons and Miriam Little Coordinator.

Kari Johnson, cosmetology instructor stated, “Our Alumni night was an evening of anticipation, excitement, reminiscing and celebration. Graduates were so excited to see the new cosmetology school and their former classmates. It is so heartwarming to see how each graduate has grown in the cosmetology industry. We look forward to many more Alumni Events in the future.”