Time management is a huge problem for many. Having the freedom to do what you want sounds good until you mismanage that time and miss opportunities. The Wilkes Community College (WCC) Small Business Center is committed to providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with ways to structure their year ahead, increase productivity and encourage success, which is why they are hosting a Time Management Summit on Friday, January 13, 2023.

The summit will be facilitated by Give It To The People® Chief Curator, Chisa Pennix-Brown, MBA using techniques that she has taught from her book, The 90-Day Focus: Your Action Plan for Success. Pennix-Brown stated, “Making time to work “on your business” instead of in your business is something that entrepreneurs don’t do often enough. This Summit will allow attendees the opportunity to clear their minds, plan, and execute a year that increases brand awareness which translates into more dollars.”

Director, Laurie Brintle-Jarvis stated, “The WCC Small Business Center is thrilled to partner with Give It To The People® for our first seminar of the new year! It seems like everyone is extremely busy, but no one ever gets anything accomplished. This seminar will help business owners create a Plan of Action.

The Time Management Summit will be held on Friday, January 13, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at Kendrick Church Hall, room 1507, on the campus of Wilkes Community College. Registration is free and open to the public.  You may register online at https://www.ncsbc.net/workshop.aspx?ekey=570430001, or by contacting Laurie Brintle-Jarvis at 336-838-6166 or lsbrintle336@wilkescc.edu.