Wilkes Community College has partnered with local agencies in Ashe County to expand participation in educational and enrichment offerings for adults.

“As part of Wilkes Community College’s strategic plan, a consortium was formed to create a clearing house of information from multiple agencies that serve the citizens of Ashe County,” explains Rebecca Greer, Director of Workforce Development, Ashe Campus/Alleghany Center.

The core agencies involved include Ashe County Public Library, Ashe County Arts Council, Ashe Services for Aging, and Wilkes Community College.

The consortium has assembled a combined inventory of program offerings and organized them into categories in order to assess strengths and gaps. From the information gathered, a print and an online catalogue of seasonal offerings for summer, fall, winter, and spring will be created and made available.

The initial summer series has been planned for 2019 with the theme, “LIFE in Ashe: Learning, Inspiration, Fellowship, Enrichment.”

For more information, contact Rebecca Greer at 336-846-3900, ext. 3117 or visit https://www.wilkescc.edu/ashe