This department of Wilkes Community College is committed to offering timely, professional training to the entire law enforcement community. Courses mandated by the North Carolina Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission, and the North Carolina Sheriffs Commission are conducted by highly qualified and certified groups of experienced instructors. These courses include:

  • Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)
  • Detention Officer Certification
  • Telecommunicator Certification
  • General Instructor Certification
  • Radar Operator Certification
  • Radar Recertification

All mandated in-service requirements for law enforcement officers, detention officers, and telecommunicators are offered numerous times each year. Specialized classes are offered each year in addition to mandated training.

The Basic Law Enforcement Training course provides the required training to individuals who are interested in pursuing law enforcement careers in North Carolina. Students must pass all requirements of the program and state comprehensive examination administered by the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission prior to being eligible to be certified as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina. You MUST preregister for this course by setting up an appointment with the school director to obtain an application packet for the program. Wilkes Community College offers both a day and night class for BLET.

Enrollment is restricted to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  1. At least 20 years of age
  2. Citizen of the United States
  3. Provide copy of birth certificate
  4. Have a valid driver’s license
  5. Possess a High School Diploma or High School Equivalency
  6. Provide copy of high school diploma and official transcript to the director of law enforcement training
  7. Provide an official high school transcript to the WCC Admissions Office
  8. Have not been convicted of any criminal offense which disqualifies a person from being a law enforcement officer in North Carolina
  9. Obtain certified criminal history checks from the Clerk of Court’s Office from all locations lived in since age of 16 years old
  10. Obtain sponsorship from a local law enforcement agency
  11. Undergo a medical examination resulting in no medical restrictions (forms provided)
  12. Complete a Wilkes Community College application for admission online
  13. Take a reading assessment test administered by the director of law enforcement training


  • Books: $550.00 estimate
  • Supply fee: $200.00
  • Fees not associated with tuition (insurance, parking, etc.): $75.00
  • Total Estimated Cost of the Program: $850.00

Contact Information

Image of Greg Minton
Greg Minton, EdD
Dean of Public Safety
Phone: 336-838-6217
Fax: 336-903-3180
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