To obtain an official or unofficial copy of your Adult High School Diploma transcript, please fill out and send in the Transcript Request Form. There is no charge for the Adult High School Diploma transcript, and transcripts may be picked up in person at Lovette Hall with the completed transcript request form and proper ID.

To obtain an official copy of your GED/HSE transcript, please submit your request through DiplomaSender.

Diploma Sender is North Carolina’s document fulfiller service for all North Carolina High School Equivalency records.

To obtain an official or unofficial copy of your Continuing Education transcript, please use the Workforce Development and Community Education Transcript Request form.

Signed transcript request forms can be returned to Workforce Development and Community Education department by fax, mail, or email.

Transcripts may be mailed or picked up in person at Kendrick/Church Hall. Please indicate your delivery preference on the form.

Unofficial Transcripts

If you need an unofficial copy of your transcript, and you are a currently enrolled student or were enrolled in the most recent prior semester/term, you can login to Self-Service to print out an unofficial transcript for free (see instructions below). If you are unable to access Self-Service due to no longer having an account, then you will need to request an official copy of your transcript.

To access your unofficial transcript:

  1. Login to Self-Service.
  2. Click on Academics (the graduation cap on the left side of the screen).
  3. Click on Student Planning.
  4. Click on Unofficial Transcript.
  5. Click on Curriculum Transcript.

Official Transcripts

Effective December 11, 2017, there is a $5.00 non-refundable fee for each official curriculum transcript requested.

  1. If you are a currently enrolled student or you were previously enrolled at WCC, an official curriculum transcript may be requested by clicking the “Order Transcript Online” button below and following the steps listed on the page. When your transcript has been sent electronically, mailed, or made available for pickup, you will receive an e-mail/or text notification.If you want your transcript sent after grades have been entered for the current semester, please do not place your order until after all your grades have been posted in Self-Service.
    NOTE: If you attended Wilkes Community College prior to 1992 or you returned as a student after 1992, then please call (336) 838-6100 and ask to speak to the Registrar’s office, so we can verify that your academic record is complete before you place your order.
    Order Transcript Online
  2. Transcripts may also be requested by submitting a completed copy of the Transcript Request form to the Student Services Office.To mail your request:
    Registrar’s Office
    Wilkes Community College
    PO Box 120
    Wilkesboro, NC 28697

    Remember to sign the form. A request cannot be processed without the student’s signature.

    Payment forms accepted:  Check or Money Order may be mailed.  Cash, Check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa may be used in person in Student Services or at the Business Office.


  1. If you choose to send your transcript electronically, then it can be delivered in as little as 15 minutes. However, if you have a hold on your account, or we need to research your request, then it will delay the delivery of your transcript.
  2. All Financial obligations must be cleared before any transcript will be released.
  3. Requests are completed on a first come, first served basis. Every attempt is made to mail your official transcript within one week from receipt of request and verification of payment. During peak business periods (such as registration and graduation) this process may take longer.
  4. WCC does not fax or email transcripts.
  5. WCC is not responsible for transcripts once they have been mailed out of our office. If for some reason the transcript is not received, it is the student’s responsibility to request and make payment for another transcript to be sent.
  6. If your login ID/password is not working, contact the WCC Prowler Help Desk at
  7. WCC does not provide copies of transcripts or information from other institutions/organizations. This information must be requested from the originating institutions/organizations.