The Office of Student Activities offers students a wide range of co-curricular programs. It is the belief of the WCC Student Activities Office that when students are afforded such opportunities they will graduate with a greater sense of self direction and a higher level of satisfaction with the institution.

All activities (clubs or special events) are advised by staff and faculty members who are committed to providing the kind of dedicated leadership which promotes successful achievement of organizational goals, but which also allows ample freedom for student innovation and decision making.

Student Information

The Gilreath Wellness Center is named in honor of former Student Services Staff Member, Reverend Coot Gilreath. It is located on the first floor of Alumni Hall. It contains several types of fitness equipment and is open during regular college operating hours for current Wilkes Community College faculty, staff and curriculum students. All users must first attend a 10 minute certification session which is offered the first few weeks of each semester. Sessions are posted outside the door of the center and on Campus News and Events webpage. A valid student id is required for use of this wellness center. Opportunities are available for students to serve as supervisors for the center. Contact Sabrina Bowman or Michael Roope for more information.
Student Activities and Events

The Student Activities Department strives to provide a number of on-campus and off-campus student activities and events throughout the semester. The activities hosted, encourage students to: become active, network with others, develop relationships, strengthen campus engagement, and overall promote global awareness that one can take outside of the campus environment. At the beginning to each semester, informational cards are passed out to students that outline a list of campus activities for the semester. Activities used in the past include, but are not limited to: holiday socials, intermural sports, scavenger hunts, turkey bowling, festivals, club day, skiing, ziplining, and so much more. To find out more about campus activities, feel free to contact Sabrina Bowman. Before events, flyers are posted and emails are sent out to promote the upcoming event.

Student Activity Forms

WCC Clubs and Organizations

AccessAbility Awareness Club
Renee Macemore, 336-838-6212

Animal Science Club
Advisor: Mindy Herman, 336-838-6226

Architectural Technology Club
Advisor: Daniel Triplett, 336-838-6409
Stacie Taylor, 336-838-6551

Auto Body Club
Advisor: Jamie Reavis, 336-838-6192

Automotive Technology Club
Advisor: Johnny O’Connell, 336-838-6284

Advisors: Donna Riddle, 336-838-6435
Mindy Herman, 336-838-6226

Club Biz
Advisor: TBA

Club of the Arts
Advisor: Amber Arnder, 336-838-6410

Culinary & Baking Club
Advisor: Kimrey Jordan, 336-838-6506

Dental Assisting Club
Advisor: Jennifer R. Hastings, 336-838-6253

Diesel Club
Advisors: Ricky Smith, 336-838-6225
Billy Eller, 336-838-6243
Co-Advisor: Lewis Alexander

EMS Club
Advisor: Randall Westmoreland, 336-838-6252

GPS Club
Advisor: Julie Mullis, 336-838-6502

Horticulture Club
Advisor: Donna Riddle, 336-838-6435

Human Service Club
Advisor: Erica Sales-Walker, 336-838-6523

Industrial Technology & Electronics Club (ITEC)
Advisors: Chris Bare, 336-846-3900-Ashe

Medical Assisting Club
Advisor: Erica Sales-Walker, 336-838-6523

National Technical Honor Society
Advisor: John Hauser, 336-838-6149

Phi Theta Kappa
Advisor: Dr. Nolan Belk, 336-838-6507

Radiography Club
Advisor: Kristain Miller, 336-838-6438

Respiratory Therapy
Advisor: John Gleeson, 336-838-6472

RnR Ministries
Advisor: Melonie Kilby, 336-838-6489

Advisor: Beth Foster, 336-838-6173

Student Game Development Club

Advisor: Jere Miles, 336-838-6437

Student Government Association (SGA)
Wilkes: Curt Miller, 336-838-6142
Ashe & Alleghany: Elizabeth Coleman, 336-372-5061

Student Nurses Association - 1st Year
Advisors: Pamela Rhoades, 336-838-6254

Student Nurses Association - 2nd Year
Advisors: Laura Walsh, 336-838-6250
Emily Orr, 336-838-6573

Veterans Association
Advisor: Kim Barfield, 336-838-6419

Voltairean Publications
Advisor: Dr. Nolan Belk, 336-838-6507

WCC Skills USA
Advisor: Hardin Kennedy, 336-838-6219

Welding Club
Advisor: Jayden Gantt, 336-838-6208

Student Activities/Events

december 2017

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3nov - 15decAll DayWilkes, Ashe, Alleghany - Sign up Now for Biltmore at Christmas tripWCC Calendars:Activities

6nov - 14decAll DayGraduation Check OutWCC Calendars:Activities,SAGE

20nov - 14decAll DayWilkes Campus - Christmas for Kids DriveWCC Calendars:Activities

11decAll DayAlleghany Center - Feed Your Brain - FOOD!WCC Calendars:Activities

11dec11:30 am- 2:00 pmWilkes Campus - Stress Free ExamsWCC Calendars:Activities

12decAll DayAlleghany Center - Relax Your Body - Massage ChairWCC Calendars:Activities

12dec - 13All DayAshe Campus - Exam SnacksWCC Calendars:Activities

12dec10:30 am- 2:30 pmWilkes Campus - Stress Free ExamsWCC Calendars:Activities

18dec7:45 am- 5:30 pmWilkes, Ashe, Alleghany - Biltmore at Christmas TripWCC Calendars:Activities

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Image of Sabrina Bowman
Sabrina Bowman
Student Activities Coordinator/Admissions Representative