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Strategic Planning Updates Page

2018 is an exciting year for Wilkes Community College! We are undergoing a comprehensive strategic planning process, which seeks to maximize the positive impact we can have on our students, our communities, and the economies of Wilkes, Ashe, and Alleghany counties. This new page of our website will have updates and information about our strategic planning process and the resulting plan. Please check back from time-to-time to learn more!

Strategic Planning Taskforce and Working Group Rosters

For the past several weeks, and continuing through this spring semester, a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders and supporters of Wilkes Community College have committed to rolling up their sleeves in the strategic planning process. A central Planning Taskforce and five distinct Working Groups (one for each strategic theme of the college’s eventual plan) are delving into pertinent data, trends, stakeholder input, and best practices to inform the future direction of Wilkes Community College. These teams will analyze what we’re doing well, where we need to improve, what opportunities are ahead of us, and where we should start. They will set goals, define objectives, and build implementation strategies for year one. We are thankful for the time, passion, and insight generously provided by the individuals whose names appear on the Planning Taskforce & Working Group Rosters accessible below.

WCC 5-Year Goals & Objectives (Updated Draft)

We are pleased to share an updated draft of our 5-Year Goals & Objectives! Below is a link to access the draft.

Our initial draft was updated based on feedback and input solicited from WCC Faculty & Staff, as well as continued dialogue with community leaders involved in the process.

These high-level goals and objectives, which lay the foundation for WCC’s 5-Year Strategic Plan, are designed to establish a broad, enduring vision for the future, while allowing flexibility to adapt to the unknowns inherent in long-term planning. Rooted in research, the five strategic themes and their corresponding goals reflect a blend of nationally-recognized pillars of community college excellence and the unique assets and priorities of WCC. They will eventually reside within a formal 2018-2023 Strategic Plan to be finalized by June 2018 in time for the 2018-2019 academic year. Later in the planning process, Annual Implementation Plans will be developed for each year of the 5-Year Strategic Plan. These will drill down into Strategies, including specific activities, assignments, budgets, timelines, success metrics, and other critical details. For now, we are pleased to share this draft of the 5-Year Goals & Objectives.

WCC 5-Year Strategic Plan

It’s here! After many months of research, community input, meetings, discussions, and decision-making, we are pleased to share WCC’s “5-Year Strategic Plan”. This is the first of several final documents related to WCC Strategic Planning. The intent of this Strategic Plan is to provide an enduring vision for the future that is flexible and adaptable to the unknowns inherent in long-term planning. This document focuses on goals and objectives. Additional plan details are captured in separate documents, such as the Year 1 Implementation Plan, which also will be shared via this website.