Instructions and Information

Online session must be completed by December 14, 2020, to be considered for the Fall 2021 Nursing program. A 2021 Nursing application must be completed prior to completing this information session. If a 2021 Nursing application is not completed, the student will not receive credit for completing the information session online.  Please click here to apply if you have not already done so.

The following must be completed to receive credit for completing the online session:

  • Score an 8 out of 10 on the quiz
  • If an 8 or higher is not achieved on the quiz, the student must return to step 1 and complete the session again until an 8 or higher is achieved.
  • After the quiz is passed, complete the online form

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Contact Information

Image of Emily Orr
Emily Orr, MSN, RN
Director of Nursing
Phone: 336-838-6573