Global Education

We live in a world that is more interconnected than ever before. Technology, travel advancements, and the globalization of many businesses and industries make it both easier and more necessary to know how to relate to people of many different cultures, ethnicities, languages, and points of view at home and abroad. We live in a global age, and the Wilkes Community College Global Education Program provides support to students, faculty, and the community as we embrace and navigate our diverse world. We seek to understand our community and its interconnectivity to the world, how culture influences thinking and behavior, and how to communicate and work with people of other cultures.

Global Perspectives Scholars

Students at Wilkes Community College have the opportunity to earn the distinction of graduating as a Global Perspectives Scholar. This distinction involves completion of 15 credit hours of globally-intensive courses with a B or above grade for each course, participating in eight international-oriented activities and dialogue, gaining a global experience that involves at least 30 hours of participation, and a capstone presentation related to their global learning participation. Students interested in this program or in becoming a member of the GPS Club should contact:

Image of Dayna Brower
Dayna Brower, MA
Instructor - Spanish
Phone: 336-838-6154