Study Abroad with Wilkes Community College

Bocas del Toro, Panamá May 18-27, 2019

Course Overview

This program is open to WCC faculty, staff, students and community members, but it will be a limited space trip. The trip will take place in the Bocas del Toro province in Panama, on the Caribbean coast. We will volunteer as service learners and actively engage in the culture of the region while on the 9-day trip.

We will work in the Bocas region by partnering with the Floating Doctors organization who work to provide medical care to the native Ngabe-Bugle villages without easy access to medical care centers, as well as partner with communities so that they can help improve long-term results through community improvement projects. This is a service learning trip which will involve long hours every day doing volunteer work. We are going to do construction and clean-up improvements to their mobile clinics with and/or go out on the clinical visits to the local communities. We will learn about cross-cultural competency, visit a clinic that the Floating Doctors set up, and conduct small trips to experience the cultural, linguistic, and environmental diversity of the region.

We especially need participants with building, electrical, medical, dental, culinary or Spanish skills to help with the building project, translation, food, and clinical visits.


The program cost is approx. $1,650
(Outside of our travel and living expenses, all the money raised will go directly to the Floating Doctors to help pay for building and clinical expenses.)

The program fee includes:

  • Housing (dorm style) with food provided
  • WCC staff in residence throughout the program
  • Programmed service-learning excursions and transportation costs
  • Airfare to Panama
  • Project expenses

Some expenses not included:

  • Your passport
  • Extra food/drink you may want to purchase
  • Spending money for shopping, recreational opportunities, etc. you may want to do while in Panama
  • Possible water taxi fares

Payment Due Dates:

  • February 1: $200
  • March 15: $750
  • May 3: $700

All rates are based on costs at publication and are subject to change based on extenuating circumstances.

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For more information, contact:

Image of Nathan Richardson
Nathan Richardson, MA
Lead Instructor - Spanish
Phone: 336-838-6183