Financial Aid Award Information

This information is provided to you because you have been approved for Federal Student Financial Aid for attendance at Wilkes Community College.

Questions or requests for more information should be directed to the Financial Aid Office. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION CAREFULLY.

It is your responsibility to know this information about the Financial Aid you have been awarded or could be awarded, how the programs work, how to reapply (annually), what is required of you, and when Financial Aid Disbursement(s) will be made to you Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and/or Summer term (pending availability of money in the summer).

Award Letter Information

The Award Letter will be sent to you by mail or e-mail.

Your FINANCIAL AID AWARD was calculated (as indicated on your award letter) by enrollment status (full time, ¾ time, ½ time, or < ½ time) you indicated on your FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID. Please let us know IMMEDIATELY if you plan to change your enrollment status. Changing your enrollment status may result in a delay in receiving Federal Aid Funds. Your financial aid award may be reduced if your enrollment status changes.


Please read this section very carefully. This section explains how tuition and fees are paid, how books and supplies can be obtained, and how financial aid reimburses you (if funds are remaining after charges are made). It also explains your responsibility to attend the classes you have registered for, effective on the first day of classes each semester .


This section explains how students can charge tuition, fees, books, supplies and how/when students will receive the remaining balance from their financial aid account (if applicable).


This calendar gives dates when financial aid checks are disbursed, Federal Work Study pay dates, lists financial aid application deadlines for the current and next school year, and dates of importance during the school year. The Financial Aid Calendar is located on this page and on several pages throughout this website. (We highly recommend that you read the college catalog.)

Please contact the Financial Aid Department if you have questions or if you need more information.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Wilkes Community College
Financial Aid
P.O. BOX 120
Wilkesboro , NC 28697-0120


Toll Free:

Financial Aid Calendar

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