As we have transitioned to the second half of summer school, we are changing the way we are doing the COVID-19 screening process.  We are no longer doing the daily screenings at our various campus and center locations.  Instead, we have shifted to a self-reporting process, where students will log into their Moodle accounts each day to answer a series of questions related to COVID-19 symptoms and exposure.

Please login to your Moodle courses daily to locate and complete the mandatory COVID-19 self-report form before attending face-to-face classes. You are not required to complete a COVID-19 form for each course; one form per day is sufficient. If you have questions, please contact your instructor or the Dean of Student Services at or 336 838-6141.

For students who do not complete the self-report form, your instructors will be following up with you individually.  You will not be allowed to attend class on campus if you have not completed the short questionnaire verifying you have no COVID-19 symptoms or known exposure.

For students who complete the self-report form and do indicate they have one or more COVID-19 symptoms or a known exposure to someone who has the virus, someone from WCC’s Student Services will contact you to give you instructions on what you need to do and when you may return to campus.

It is essential that we all continue to be diligent in taking this COVID-19 virus seriously and following the safety protocols so that we limit the spread of the virus and keep ourselves and our friends and family safe.

Take Care,

Jeff A. Cox, Ed.D.
Wilkes Community College
(336) 838-6112