The curriculum summer semester will begin on June 1, 2020. To protect the safety and well-being of students and employees, all curriculum summer classes will begin in an online format for the first two weeks (June 1 – 12) while the college continues to implement safety protocols.

Curriculum classes that are scheduled to meet on campus should begin transitioning to that format the week of June 15. Instructors of these classes will be emailing their students with more information. Please check your student email for more details.

Curriculum summer classes with Face-to-Face contact affected include:

DEN-107-WB01 WB01 Clinical Practice II
EMS-160-H01 H01 Cardiology I
NUR-114-WB01 WB01 Holistic Health Concepts
NUR-114-WB31 WB31 Holistic Health Concepts
AUB-114-WB01 WB01 Special Finishes
AUB-136-WB01 WB01 Plastics & Adhesives
TRN-140-WB01 WB01 Transp Climate Control
TRN-140-WB02 WB02 Transp Climate Control
TRN-140-WB03 WB03 Transp Climate Control
TRN-140-WB04 WB04 Transp Climate Control
TRN-140-WB05 WB05 Transp Climate Control
TRN-140A-WB61 WB61 Transp Climate Cont Lab
TRN-140A-WB62 WB62 Transp Climate Cont Lab
TRN-140A-WB63 WB63 Transp Climate Cont Lab
TRN-140A-WB64 WB64 Transp Climate Cont Lab
TRN-140A-WB65 WB65 Transp Climate Cont Lab
WLD-151-WB01 WB01 Fabrication I
WLD-151-WB02 WB02 Fabrication I
WLD-261-WB01 WB01 Certification Practices
WLD-261-WB02 WB02 Certification Practices
AHR-110-H01 H01 Intro to Refrigeration
AHR-110-H02 H02 Intro to Refrigeration
ANS-232-H01 H01 Meatbird Production
ANS-232-H02 H02 Meatbird Production
ANS-234-H01 H01 Egg Production
ANS-234-H02 H02 Egg Production
ARC-211-H01 H01 Light Constr Technology
DFT-154-H01 H01 Intro Solid Modeling
ELC-128-H01 H01 Intro to PLC
ELC-128-H02 H02 Intro to PLC
ELC-128-H03 H03 Intro to PLC
ELC-128-H04 H04 Intro to PLC
ELC-130-H01 H01 Advanced Motors/Controls
ELC-130-H02 H02 Advanced Motors/Controls
EMS-221-1 1 EMS Clinical Practicum II
RAD-171-1 1 RAD Clinical Ed III
RCP-144-1 1 RCP Clinical Practice II
MED-260-1 1 MED Clinical Practicum
MEC-112-131 131 Machine Processes II

Continuing education courses (e.g. nurse aide, phlebotomy, EMS, Fire courses, law enforcement courses, HVAC, Notary public, and codes courses) will begin as scheduled.