We know that many of you are wondering about whether all of the classes scheduled for Summer 2020 courses will be online. Our first priority at WCC is to be sure that our students, faculty and staff are safe. We want courses that have hands-on and clinical components to be able to meet in person, if it is safe to do so, but we don’t want to take chances with your health. We will be keeping up with state and local recommendations in the coming days, and we will make a decision about summer classes on Wednesday, April 29. Many of our summer semester courses are already scheduled to be fully online, and those will not change. If we do not feel it is safe for students and faculty to return to campus on June 1, we will start all of our courses online, then try to convert back to face-to-face meetings as conditions allow. Please go ahead and register now for the classes you want to take this summer; that way we’ll be able to communicate directly with you about your classes. (Same for the fall classes—register now, you don’t have to pay yet.) If we do have to convert all the summer courses to fully online courses and you decide that you do not want to take online courses, you will be able to drop them. So, keep an eye out for another message from us about the summer schedule on April 29! If you have questions, please contact your advisor.

We hope you don’t let this COVID-19 pandemic distract you from your long-term educational goals.  Hang in there and stay on track—we will get through this #WCCtogether!