This curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in the production, processing, and distribution of poultry and its products according to scientific principles essential to efficient and profitable operation. Students should learn the skills necessary for the operation of efficient and profitable poultry enterprises. Coursework includes production practices, animal health, nutrition, reproduction, and management.

Graduates should qualify for entry-level jobs as herd or flock managers, hatchery supervisors, feed mill supervisors,  owners/operators, farm managers, department supervisors, equipment salespersons, and field service representatives.

Sustainable Animal Science Lab

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Program Information

  • Poultry Production
  • Poultry Management
  • Meatbird Production
  • Egg Production
  • Introduction to Animal Care
  • Introduction to Animal Science Industry
  • Beef Production
  • Swine Production
  • Animal Health Management
  • Livestock Industry Mechanization
  • Soil Science
  • Basic Farm Maintenance
  • Animal Feeds and Nutrition
  • Facility Management
  • Farm Business Management
Graduates of the WCC Applied Animal Science Technology Program will: 

  • Understand basic animal husbandry practices.
  • Evaluate production, management, and marketing decisions and be able to effectively communicate those decisions.
  • Understand the impact the livestock and poultry industries have on local, state, national, and international levels.
  • Identify and describe different production systems for livestock and poultry.
  • Recognize the effects of animal health, management, genetics, environment, and nutrition in livestock production and their interactions.

Contact Information

Image of Matt Greene
Matt Greene, BS
Lead Instructor - Animal Science/Agribusiness
Phone: 336-838-6226
Image of Frank Blevins
Frank Blevins, BS
Instructor - Animal Science/Horticulture
Phone: 336-838-6188
Image of Stacie Taylor
Stacie Taylor, BS
Chair of Applied Engineering Tech Area
Phone: 336-838-6551
Image of Ronald Dollyhite
Ronald Dollyhite, MA
Dean of Applied Career Technologies (ACT)
Phone: 336-838-6149
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