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Agribusiness technology prepares individuals to manage agricultural businesses and agriculturally related operations within diversified corporations. Potential course work includes instruction in agriculture, agricultural specialization, business management, accounting, finance, marketing, planning, human resources management, and other managerial responsibilities.

Graduates should qualify for a variety of jobs in agricultural businesses such as equipment, feed, and agricultural supply sales; store management; farm operations; wholesale and retail produce management; nursery operations; and environmental and agricultural education.

Program Information

  • Agriculture Marketing
  • Farm Business Management
  • Agriculture Law and Finance
  • Agriculture Economics
  • Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture Production
  • Alternative Agriculture Production
  • Poultry Production
  • Beef Production
  • Sheep and Goat Production
  • Nursery Production
  • Greenhouse Production
  • Soil Science
  • Agriculture Chemicals
  • Introduction to Forest Resources

Graduates of the WCC Agribusiness Technology Program will: 

  • Analyze the role of Agribusiness in the US and how it impacts the local community.
  • Apply the use of animal, horticulture, forestry, and sustainable agriculture production in an agribusiness model.
  • Analyze various agricultural economic principles and articulate the impact that those principles have on domestic and global economics.
  • Demonstrate the impact of basic laws affecting the agriculture industry.
  • Demonstrate the role of marketing in agribusiness technology and apply core marketing principles to the development of agribusiness strategy and decision-making process.
  • Create a comprehensive agriculture business plan applying the concepts in agriculture marketing, management, economics, and law.

Contact Information

Image of Matt Greene
Matt Greene, BS
Lead Instructor - Animal Science/Agribusiness
Phone: 336-838-6226
Image of Frank Blevins
Frank Blevins, BS
Instructor - Animal Science/Horticulture
Phone: 336-838-6188
Image of Stacie Taylor
Stacie Taylor, BS
Chair of Applied Engineering Tech Area
Phone: 336-838-6551
Image of Donna Riddle
Donna Riddle, MS
Instructor - Horticulture
Phone: 336-838-6435
Image of Ronald Dollyhite
Ronald Dollyhite, MA
Dean of Applied Career Technologies (ACT)
Phone: 336-838-6149
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