Information Services is responsible for all computers (administrative and instructional) and information technology, including audio/visual equipment, North Carolina Information Highway equipment, audio connections, and telephone equipment.

Computer and Network Usage Policy

As an institution of higher education, Wilkes Community College encourages and supports an open environment to pursue scholarly inquiry and to share information. The College shall not limit adult users voluntary access to any information due to its content when it meets the standard of legality as long as this use is consistent with the goals of the academic programs. However, use of the computing and network resources is limited to authorized purposes and any unlawful or malicious use of these resources are strictly prohibited. Use of the College’s computer resources for political, religious, and other personal or non-college purposes is prohibited. For additional information concerning the appropriate use of computers and the college network, refer to the College policy titled Use of the Internet and College Computer Network which is available in the Learning Resources Center.


Contact Information

Image of Michael Wingler
Michael Wingler, MS
Vice President of Information Technology/CIO
Phone: 336-838-6178
Fax: 336-903-3150
Image of Greg Crews
Greg Crews, AAS
Information Technology Technician
Phone: 336-838-6160
Image of Randy Miller
Randy Miller, MS
Director of ERP Systems
Phone: 336-838-6182
Image of John Ring
John Ring, AAS
Server Administrator
Phone: 336-838-6121
Image of Allen Royal
Allen Royal, AAS
Information Technology Technician
Phone: 336-838-6584
Image of Cody Wingler
Cody Wingler, AAS
Information Technology Technician
Phone: 336-838-6544

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