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New Federal Regulations require institutions to report certain information about students who are enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs). While all programs at Wilkes Community College are designed to lead to either employment or transfer, the Department of Education requires disclosure information be provided on the programs listed below.

This website was created to allow prospective students to research the GE programs available at Wilkes Community College. Prospective students will be able to find information about the program, occupation codes from the U.S. Department of Labor, estimated cost of program, normal time for program completion, median debt at program completion, and job placement rate for program completers, if available.

For programs with less than 10 graduates, the college does not disclose median debt amounts and on-time completion rates (designated by n/a). In addition, room and board costs are not applicable because the college does not offer on-campus living.

Gainful Employment Data 2016-2017
Program Code Program Name (*click link for more info) SOC
CIP Codes*
D25800 Accounting (Diploma) 43-3031.00 52.0301
D30100 Advertising  & Graphic Design (Diploma) 27-1024.00 50.0409
D15280 Applied Animal Science Technology (Diploma)
 D40130DD Applied Engineering Technology – 3D Design Technology (Diploma)
 D40130BE Applied Engineering Technology – Basic Engineering Technology (Diploma)
D40130CN Applied Engineering Technology – CNC Machining Technology (Diploma) 51-4011.00 15.1299
D40130CE Applied Engineering Technology – Computer Engineering Technology (Diploma) 15-1151.00 15.1299
D40130EE Applied Engineering Technology – Electronics Engineering Technology (Diploma) 17-3023.01 15.0303
A40130IS Applied Engineering Technology – Industrial Systems Technology (Diploma) 17-3026.00 15.0612
D40130MM Applied Engineering Technology – Machining and Maintenance Technology (Diploma) 49-9043.00 47.0199
D40130RM Applied Engineering Technology – Robotics, Automation, and Mechatronics Technology (Diploma) 17-3024.01 14.4201
D40100 Architecture Technology (Diploma) 17-3011.01 04.0901
D60160 Automotive Systems Technology (Diploma) 49-3023.00 15.0803
D55130 Baking and Pastry Arts (Diploma) 51-3011.00 12.0501
C55120 Basic Law Enforcement Training (Certificate) 33-3051.01
D35140 Building Construction Technology (Diploma) 47-1011.00 46.0415
D25120 Business Administration (Diploma) 11-3011.00 52.0201
D60130 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology (Diploma) 13-1032.00
D25590G Computer Technology / Integration – Game Content Creation (Diploma) 27-1014.00 50.0411
D25500GP Computer Technology / Integration – Game Programming (Diploma)
D25590N Computer Technology / Integration – Networking Technology (Diploma) 15-1152.00 11.0901
D25590P Computer Technology / Integration – Programming (Diploma) 15-1151.00 11.0103
D55180 Criminal Justice Technology (Diploma) 33-3051.01
D55150 Culinary Arts (Diploma) 35-1011.00
D45240 Dental Assisting (Diploma) 31-9091.00  51.0601
D60460 Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology (Diploma) 49-3031.00 47.0613
D55220 Early Childhood Education (Diploma)
D15240 Horticulture Technology (Diploma) 37-1012.00
D45380 Human Services Technology (Diploma) 21-1093.00 51.1599
D45400 Medical Assisting (Diploma) 31-9092.00 51.0801
D25370 Office Administration (Diploma) 43-6014.00 52.0204
D15280PM Poultry Management Technology (Diploma)
D40100ST Sustainability Technology (Diploma)
D50420 Welding Technology (Diploma) 51-4121.06 15.0614