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Wilkes Community College is pleased to offer payment plans as a convenience to students and their families to help make payment of college attendance more manageable.  Although they are the perfect fit for some students and their families, it may not be the desired method of payment for others.  Therefore, it is important to read this section in its entirety prior to making the decision as to whether the payment plan option is right for you.  The payment plan can be used to cover tuition, fees and a book allowance.  With the book allowance, an amount up to $500.00 may be granted so that books may be charged against the payment plan in the Bookstore.  The payment agreements are adjusted to be the exact amount owed to Wilkes Community College after the cut-off date for charging books; therefore, if your bank allowance is $500.00 and you only spend $350.00, your payment agreement will be reduced by the difference and the remaining payments adjusted accordingly--typically your first month of payment (at minimum) is the exact amount of the original payment amount.  If your agreement is adjusted, a notice will be sent to you at the mailing address specified in your FACTS agreement.  If the payment agreement does not cover the student's entire account balance, the student must pay, with other sources, the balance of the difference between the account balance and the payment agreement. 

Once the student and his/her responsible party decide on what charges they wish to place on the payment plan, the student may go on-line with the responsible party and complete the enrollment process.   All payments are done electronically; therefore, a bank account which allows electronic transfers of funds must be held by either the student or someone who will be the student's responsible party.  The enrollment fee ($25 per semester or $45 annual) will be deducted from the designated account and retained by the Nelnet/FACTS Company.  All charges will be totaled together and payments will be calculated by dividing the total across the available months of payment for the specific semester.  The payment amount will then be electronically deducted from the designated account on the 20th of each month.  No interest is charged; however, if a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or any other reason, a $25.00 "returned check" fee will be charged by the Nelnet/FACTS .  The holding bank for the account may also charge a fee to the account per their "returned check" fee guidelines.  The college is in no way responsible for these fees since it is the student's and/or responsible party's responsibility to be sure that the appropriate payment amount is available for withdrawal on the designated payment date.

Once a payment plan is established by a student or their family member (responsible party), the agreement is a binding contract for payment for that semester; therefore, it is very important for the student to realize with a payment agreement comes the responsiblity to assure payment.  ONLY if the courses are dropped prior to the FIRST DAY OF COURSES FOR THE SEMESTER WITH THE REGISTRAR'S OFFICE  may tuition and fees be reduced on a payment plan.  Books are ALWAYS payable for the amount charged, although, some books may be able to be returned for credit or a percentage of credit (contact the Bookstore for specific return information). 

Unless meeting the refund policy (also see above), payment of a payment agreement is expected even if a student drops or stops attending.  If charges remain on the student's account on the last day of the academic semester for which the charges were incurred, the account will be submitted for collection by the guidelines for collecting delinquent accounts.