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College Transfer Advising Center--CTAC


Wilkes Community College's College Transfer Advising Center (CTAC) is in Rm. 413, Hayes Hall. As the name implies, CTAC is for students who intend to transfer to a four-year institution. CTAC's lead transfer advisors are Blair Hancock and Cinnamon Martin. All transfer students are encouraged to make an appointment with a CTAC advisor by emailing wcc.ctac@wilkescc.edu, calling 336-838-6498, or using the sign-up sheets on the bulletin board outside Rm. 413. During their appointments, students develop their Flight Plan, which outlines a course of study with specific courses that they should take for their chosen major. Advisors will receive their advisees' Flight Plans via e-mail. 

CTAC has advising offices and a wall-mounted literature display with copies of the AA and AS checksheets, drop/add forms, registration forms, and information about various colleges and transfer-related issues.  For transcript requests, please go to the Registration Information page of the WCC website.  

CTAC Transfer, Orientation, & Advising Documents: 



Last revised 07/10/12