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Equine Studies 


Farrier Science  
Students will acquire a working knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the horse's foot, leg and pastern. Topics will include:   

Lewis Miles is the instructor. 

  Horse Grooming  

  This course will cover:   

Horse Judging I
This course is designed for students who wish to enhance their ability to select horse bases on their physical characteristics; effectively compare two or more horses to each other, and to discuss their decisions using commonly accepted terminology. 


Equine Management  

This course is designed to enhance students understanding of the principles and practices associated with the production and care of horses. Objectives will include the selection of stallions and mares for breeding purposes and much more. 

Equine Safety
The course will cover Equine behavior, social hierarchy, handling horses in pasture, leading, tying, establishing trust with a horse, domination, positive and negative reinforcement, and animal restraint and control. 


Farm Management  
This course covers the various aspects of managing your own farm. Topics include:   

Equitation I  

This course provides as opportunity to polish the rider's skills as if for competition. Emphasis is placed on communication with and influence of the horse by a balanced and knowledgeable rider in order for the horse and rider to perform to their potential. 

Equine Anatomy & Physiology  

This course covers the anatomy and physiology of various systems of the equine body. Emphasis is placed on practical application of class topics. 

Horse Science I 
This course introduce the horse industry and emphasizes basic horse husbandry and stable management practices. Topics include:   

Elementary health topics and career opportunities.