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The various levels of certification offered at WCC are the following: 


Those persons successfully completing each course will be eligible for state certification through the North Carolina office of Emergency Medical Services. 

Cardiopulmonary (CPR) and First Aid

WCC offers various training course in CPR and First Aid that provide certification by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. These courses provide individuals with the following: 

Also. training in automated external defibrillation is available. 

Rescue Technician

The training requirements and demands for rescue personnel are different than those for firefighters. WCC offers courses to train rescue squad personnel. Included in this training are the classes required by the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission to certify individuals as Rescue Technicians (RT). 

In addition to the RT program, the college offers other courses in specialized areas of training. These areas include: 

Search and Rescue (SAR)

 Search and rescue training involves locating lost persons and removing them from danger.