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Wilkes County Slide Collection

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Detailed Description of the Collection

The Wilkes County Slide Collection contains photographic images of Wilkes people, businesses, historic sites and historic events. The slides below are organized according to category. Please click on the link to the right of each slide description to view an image of the slide. 

Wilkes Businesses 

Apple Sorting at the Brushy Mountain Apple Co-op. Woman unidentified. [Digital image.] 

Brame Drug Store, 1910. [Digital image.]

Fair View Dairy, 1910. Was located near the present site of the Wilkes Regional Medical Center. [Digital image.]

Forest Furniture. [Digital image.]

Gordon Hotel. [Digital image.]


Kennedy Pottery.

Kennedy Pottery stock. [Digital image.]

Kennedy Pottery stock. [Digital image.]

Kennedy Pottery workroom. [Digital image.]

Kennedy Pottery employees. [Digital image.]

Potter and potter's wheel. [Digital image.]

Potter and wheel. [Digital image.]

Lithia Springs' spring house. [Digital image.]

Lithia Springs Hotel. [Digital image.]

North Wilkesboro Depot, early 1900's. [Digital image.]

North Wilkesboro Quarry, corner of Main and 2nd. [Digital image.]

Spainhour store in Dellaplain. [Digital image.]

Wilkes County Life, Culture and Customs 

Wilkes County Fair, 1910. [Digital image.]

Butchered hogs. [Digital image.]

Wilkes County's Opera House. [Digital image.]

Moonshine Still. [Digital image.]

[Boy scout] Troop 35, First Baptist Church, 1935. [Digital image.]

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Wilkes County Historical Sites 

Giant Lumber Company's Flume and North Wilkesboro Power Plant. [Digital image.]

Tory Oak, Wilkesboro. [Digital image.]

View of North Wilkesboro from Kensington Heights, early 1900's. [Digital image.]

Wilkes County Hospital, 1920's. [Digital image.]

Wilkes County Jail, 1946. [Digital image.]

W. Kerr Scott Dam, 1961. [Digital image.]

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Wilkes County Homes 

C. O. Pruitt Home, Traphill. [Digital image.]

Mourne Rouge, Home of North Carolina Governor Monford Stokes. [Digital image.]

Robert Cleveland House. [Digital image.]

Three Locusts, John A. Holbrook Home, Traphill. Built 1840. [Digital image.]

Eng and Chang Bunker's Traphill Home. [Digital image.]

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Wilkes County during the Flood of 1940 

Exterior of damaged home or business. [Digital image.]

Aerial view of North Wilkesboro. [Digital image.]

Submerged rail car. [Digital image.]

Men with boat. [Digital image.]

People at edge of landslide. [Digital image.]

Foot of Ninth Street, North Wilkesboro, NC. [Digital image.]

Cherry Street, North Wilkesboro, NC. [Digital image.]

People near filling station, North Wilkesboro, NC. [Digital image.]

Train tracks. [Digital image.]

Filling station, North Wilkesboro, NC. [Digital image.]

Submerged rail car and buildings. [Digital image.]

Appears to be a street, location unknown. [Digital image.]

Submerged building #1. [Digital image.]

Submerged building #2. [Digital image.]

Flood damage, area unknown #1. [Digital image.]

Flood damage, area unknown #2. [Digital image.]

Flood damage to train tracks, area unknown #1. [Digital image.]

Flood damage to train tracks, area unknown #2. [Digital image.]

Oak Furniture Company lumber yard. [Digital image.]

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Wilkes County People 

Dr. Fred Hubbard. [Digital image.]

James Larkin Pearson, 1934. [Digital image.]

James Larkin Pearson, 1954-1955. [Digital image.]

James Larkin Pearson, sketch by Edward Wood. [Digital image.]

Joseph T. and Margaret Yale McBride. [Digital image.]

P. W. Eshelman, of Wilkes Hosiery Mills. [Digital image.]

Eng and Chang Bunker. [Digital image.]

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Wilkes County Schools 

Benham School, northeastern Wilkes County. [Digital image.]

Fair View College, formerly Trap Hill Seminary, founded 1871. [Digital image.]

Fair View College, students, 1910-1911. [Digital image.]

Fair View College baseball team, 1911. [Digital image.]

Fair View College flag drill, 1912. [Digital image.]

Flint Hill School, North Wilkesboro, NC. [Digital image.]

Lincoln Heights School, North Wilkesboro, NC. [Digital image.]

Lincoln Heights School, aerial view. [Digital image.]

Loggins School, northwestern Wilkes County. [Digital image.]

Traphill Institute, Class of 1897 or 1898. [Digital image.]

Wilkesboro Elementary School, later Wilkesboro High School.[Digital image.]

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