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Career Planning 

Mission Statement: 

The primary purpose of career planning is to promote a greater understanding of self and the careers that best fit you as an individual.  Services are confidential and provide the opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to engage in the life-long process of career development. Services are available to students, alumni and members of the community. 

Three Steps to Successful Career Planning: 
There are three basic steps in making a successful career decision.

1. Self-Assessment - Knowing yourself involves looking inward: 

  • Review your past experiences, skills, abilities, and hobbies 
  • Discover your personality type, values, and interests through assessment inventories 
  • Assess your goals and dreams 
  • Define success and adequate income for you 
  • Consider your life-style, relationships, finances, and geographical preferences 

2.  Exploring Options - Gathering information about career fields of interest: 

  • Utilize books, internet career sites, and Bridges Career Explorer 
  • Evaluate education and training requirements 
  • Conduct informational interviews and develop a network of professional contacts 
  • Explore internships, summer and part-time jobs, or volunteer to gain experience within field of interest 

3. Decision Making - Compare and contrast career options: 

  • Evaluate short-term and long-term goals  
  • Identify obstacles to achieving goals  
  • Consider solutions or alternatives  
  • Weigh costs and benefits  
  • Choose the occupation that best fits your individuality   

 NOTE: Using these services early in the student's academic career is encouraged. A Career Counselor is available to assist you in Student Services. 


Career Decision Making Tools 

1.  Try WCC's new educational career tool,  Focus 2 :
 Focus 2

2. Check out Career Coach and find your career! 

   Career Coach logo 

For online career planning resources, visit: 

Information to assist in identifying and understanding your personality

Information to assist in making career decisions

The North Carolina Employment Security Commission

Bureau of Labor Statistics

State career information system

Information on occupations and college majors

A career and employment resource network

N C Health Careers

For additional information contact

Mike Roope, Career Counselor, 336-838-6147,